Best Dive Knives – 2016

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Simply Scuba counts down five of the best dive knives.

CRESSI Alligator Shears

TUSA Imprex Knife

AQUA LUNG Squeeze Lock Knife

EEZYCUT Trilobite with Harness Pouch

AQUA LUNG Argonaut Dive Knife

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Rating: 4.72

  1. John Daltrocanto says

    i bought myself an aqualung argonaut, saved my life

  2. pete/melany Evans says

    speakin as a commercial diver …that load are all a waste of money !!!
    get yourself a 5 quid. kitchen devil an a small bit of garden hose as a sheath. will cut any rope in seconds . i have cleared ships props of plastick bags an ropes in not time at all….down side is if not careful you will loose pinky or two…

  3. bp69 says

    Would a spyderco aqua salt work seems like a nice water knife

  4. malthus101 says

    Titanium blade?? Hmm……….

  5. Tim Lipinski says

    Great Video ! But did you have to list Titanium ? Another Dive Knife reviewer talked about the history of TUSA brand ! Any good Ka Bar dive knives ? tjl

  6. MicroActivist says

    Great video..thanks for the info on knives 🙂

  7. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    What do you think of the aqualung cisors? I like them but they are too big

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