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Yes some full face snorkel masks are dangerous due to CO2 build up inside the mask. In this video we tell you how to pick a safe mask and to check if your own full face mask is dangerous.

Safe full face snorkel masks:
Tribord EasyBreath on Amazon:
Ocean Reef Aria on Amazon:

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  1. 50ft Below says

    Still want to buy a Full Face Snorkel Mask? Check out our buyers guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEjyBRqghaQ

  2. I'm a PADI Divemaster and the BIG issue with this type of mask is…..If you dive with it to any depth you are unable to equalize

  3. Sandi Stowe says

    Excellent video and a real public service. I just bought the Ocean Reef Aria FFS. I measured 4 inches from nose bridge to chin, therefore I ordered a small. When placed on very carefully according to instructions it bocks my nose because the weight causes it to stay lower on my face. Tightening it on my face actually makes it worse. There is no strap to keep it lifted on my face. If I go to extra small that would make the problem worse. And it I go to medium the mask would be too big for my face. Any thoughts

  4. yenotiza says

    How to avoid them? lock yourself at home

  5. donclarke11 says

    thank you for being so informative

  6. 69op2gg1005ify0m says

    not sure i could swim after all that "breeding" ;_)

  7. Palm Trees and Rum says

    I've used one for 3 years now for simple surface snorkeling, and the odd dive down to about 5-10 feet and never had an issue. I guess it varies per user. Keep up the good work.

  8. Paul Racine says

    Been using one for the past couple weeks, no problems!…because I know it's a gimmicky toy!

  9. FROGSTOCK says

    This channel deserves more subs

  10. Steven Xie says

    All FF mask has the fatal design flaw. Since there has no force to expel CO2 from the face area. It cannot avoid the CO2 buildup in front of the nose. So FF masks are the potential killers. If you just want to see what the underwater looks like within short time (probably one minute), it will be fine. But please don't mislead the users to say this mask for snorkeling.

  11. sam silver says

    I was going to by one for winter snorkeling to keep my face warm from the cold winter water but not now. I do open water snorkel swimming. Thanks for the advice

  12. Dabaydestrian says

    the full face mask are 100% safe. it was designed for snorkeling, not diving. so if you dive and die.. you did not use the mask for what it was intended for

  13. Carlton Wilson says

    Ours work great. Very big improvement over standard masks. The fit has a better seal with no leaks but much more comfortable than our standard masks. The view is dramatically better in a big way.
    I find myself doing something with the FF mask that I've never done with STD mask…whistling a tune while we explore. Another positive aspect of the FF is that after a day of snorkeling we no longer have sore lips and gums. We're also able to clearly converse as long as we're close together.

  14. Ocenite Gaming says

    Why isn't their a snorkel mask without the mouth being covered?

  15. rey rob says

    @2:49 did he said "Only the breathing part is F*#@ up"?

  16. TurtleGOD 2104 says

    He keeps looking to the left XD

    Also there is one to solve you're prob…. check it out!

    AQTECKNO Full Face Snorkel Mask Diving Mask

  17. basket ree says

    You deserve so many more subs then what you have now

  18. theBoss31 says

    Can i use it for diving?

  19. Gamer Dude says

    Where going snorkeling on Hawaii it will be my first time but we are using the full face mask not the best swimmer and am wearing a lifeless any cautions

  20. Michelle Mignery says

    I just received one as a gift. The only problems I have had is 1: you cant look straight down or the little ball in the snorkle top will close off the air and you cant take a breath. So I can float and look ahead, but not down. Second, when I do see something I want to retrieve, the pressure of the mask at just 4 ft to 5 ft of water, hurts the bridge of my nose. Bruises it actually, not a good fit I presume. And third, it does fog after 5 mins or so of use. Just like any other. What I do LOVE that keeps me using it, is my jaw no longer pops out of joint from having a mouth piece in! All the annoyance is worth it. I figure a little extension of the snorkle and some rain-x will help. And to the divers with long hair…the cross strap will matt your hair in no time. lol 😛

  21. Robert Nelson says

    My buddy and I were in Maui in January. And I purchased one of these masks to try out. I went out once and had a panic attack. Which i now know was due to a lack of oxygen. Two days later my buddy wanted to try it, as we werent going out to far. Just right off the shore. Well about five minutes into the swim I noticed that he was having difficulties. And was panicking.

    We decided that i would tow him back into shore and he would just relax and let me do the swimming. Well in the few minutes it took for us to reach the shore he suffocated due to the poor air transfer capabilities of one of these type masks.

    If you have one I would hope that you get rid of it. And if you are thinking of getting one PLEASE DONT. They just arent worth it.

  22. OceanReefGroup says

    Hey guys, we have created a document to understand better the engineering behind FFSM – this is too technical for general public, but we would love for you to review, read and understand better the years and years of study and engineering behind our products.

  23. Robbin Staup says

    I been thinking alot about them full face mask. Thank you , that was helpful . Im just going to get another dive mask and do my snorkeling the old fashion way.

  24. 3DNSEW Multimedia Solutions says

    Good review and thanks for sharing.

  25. econojon says

    This channel is far better than @givesaminute. A lot more informative. Cheers for potentially saving a life!

  26. J Case says

    These are the perfect travel case for these full fave masks. Snorkel Mask Storage Travel Case: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075JSCX2Z/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_be82AbY7D215E

  27. MiikaWasHere says

    What if water gets in and you cant get the full face snorkel off your head fast enough.

  28. m4paws888 says

    I swim laps and wear a regular mask and a snorkel tube with a dry top design. Would you recommend staying away from a full face mask for my purposes?

  29. MrGlenspace says

    What you say is true. However, some people refuse to sell them especially the cheap variety. You also have to take into account someone getting tired or panicking. Sometimes simple is best or learn scuba diving.

  30. MrGlenspace says

    Too many problems. Stick with regular mask that you can get off easy.

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