1. J Case says

    These are the perfect travel cases for these full face masks. Snorkel Mask Storage Travel Case: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075JSCX2Z

  2. Stealthy Water says

    Since it's 2018 now, release a snorkel mask that you can equalize with! Like a mask with a flexible nose part… but is really durable!

  3. Donny AZHAR says

    Watch my video too :

  4. sm1lygamer says

    This is verry orsam

  5. Ravelius Maximus says

    @OceanReefGroup What camera was used to make this video?

  6. Arschkarten Paule says

    Where was this video made…?

  7. The Deans says

    Them bootys tho

  8. jeddan david says

    Hi recently bought one of this and bumped into your video.. I had a hard time figuring out how to equalize underwater. How'd you do that?

  9. Krissy Enchanted says

    If i dive underwater with this mask do I have to clear the water out?

  10. Trending Society says

    pussy tonight?

  11. LuluVera26 says

    Nice video! But I thought, murky water, seals, what other types of sharks are there?

  12. Aaron & Caleb's Adventures says

    I absolutely love this mask design! can't wait to buy one and try it out!!

  13. Verano Dulce says

    Nice Video!

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