Packing Entire Scuba Gear into Backpack for Airplane

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This is how I pack my entire Scuba Gear for Tropical diving/vacations and bring it along as Carry-On for Plane trips.
— Duffle Bag by The North Face
Size: Small (50Litres)
— Gear: ScubaPro Hydros BCD with Air2, Seawing nova Fins, MK25evo/S600 Reg, Tusa Freedom HD mask, Mantis 2 dive watch/computer.
— I’d also be able to fit a beach towel and a few other smaller items like iPads, Phones, Flip flops, Wallets & Snacks.

Thanks for Watching ooo/

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  1. John El Khoury says

    Nicely done, just a question, where did you get the custom velcro strap for the M2.0 scubapro dive computer ? thank you.

  2. Chloé Afp says

    Hi, what are the size in cm of the fins ? Like my Mares Avanti Quattro are 66cm long I dont know If it would fit in the north face backpack

  3. Fernando Vergara says

    What happen to your pants?

  4. Andrew Nguyen says

    what type of north face bag is that ??

  5. Charles Ebel says

    What size is the north face bag?

  6. MoMenTum 86 VN says

    What bcd are you using

  7. GunFighter Research says

    Good video

  8. Aaron George says

    Any reason for not using the travel bag supplied with the hydros pro? Just curious because that is the bcd I am looking at getting.

  9. HanchoPOW says

    What size are your Nova fins? Small… Medium?

  10. Paul M says

    Please share some information about that North Face duffel backpack. L x W x H and its capacity in L. Many fins are too long for an acceptable airline carry on bag. Thank you.

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