This Ultra-Light Diving System Makes Scuba Accessible To Anyone

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This lightweight scuba diving system lets you dive without the use of heavy tanks. The Nomad, which is developed by blU3, lets you explore shallow waters without the need to keep rising for air.

The device works by floating on the surface of the water. A compressor takes fresh air and delivers it to the diver, who is attached to a 40ft air hose. Nomad allows users to dive up to 35ft and charges via USB, providing over 60 minutes of usage from a single charge.

Experienced and novice divers can use the system, but it is advised to receive proper training before taking part in any diving activities.   Nomad is crowdfunding on Kickstarter and will cost around £719 with a ship date set for December 2018.

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Rating: 4.82

  1. Wuanslm says

    Hah! at 1000 bucks I might as well pony up and get Brownie's Third lung, twce the price four times the duration!

  2. hamshackleton says

    Interesting gadget, there are several other types on the market, but why oh why do these producers need to keep showing the female pelvic areas to persuade people to buy stuff?

  3. Default Noob says

    _still making deco steps
    _limited time
    _only 35 feet
    _really better than normal equipment?

  4. Five star Vlogs says

    I feel like if I got this my cousins would fart or something when I’m diving

  5. Tyler White says

    Just put a solar panel on top. Lol infinity scuba diving

  6. Henry Fredette says

    By defintion, this is not "SCUBA" diving.

  7. Ekortal says

    I would like to test it in the red sea

  8. 푸푸씽 says


  9. Ashida says

    This already used long time at my place using modified air compressor.

  10. TigrisdeGallia says

    Shut up and take my money.

  11. Albin says

    >the device charges over usb ports

  12. Kenny Noland says

    Leave a link idiout

  13. Michael Ward says

    This "device" is not SCUBA. I have major safety concerns about the system.
    Scuba stand for :
    This is not in any way self contained. This thing could be a dangerous mess.

  14. Mr.saichon C. says

    สวัสดีครับ ผมอยู่ประเทศไทย ผมสนใจอุปกรณ์ ดำน้ำ ของคุณมาก ผมอยาก ซื้อ และอยากเป็นตัวแทนขาย ของคุณในประเทศไทย

  15. water fountain says

    good idea

  16. mistifeyed says

    What makes Scuba accessible to everyone is proper training! Accessibility has nothing to do with having the tank at the surface vs having it on your back. TRAINING is what makes it accessible.

  17. Ultimate Tensile says

    It says it will be ready to ship by December 2018 in description but on the website it says summer 2019 ?

  18. clout covaen says

    1:50 dat ass tho

  19. DALLMYD says

    This is pretty cool!

  20. Mikko Översti says

    garden hose + a floating thingy

  21. Oscar Páramo says

    Scuba Diving? I don’t think so! Anyway, it’s kind of cool.

  22. Hussein Nour says

    High cost

  23. TheHumanNacho says

    So, a battery-and-compressor based Snuba?
    I wouldn't risk my life on something as unreliable as my mobile phone's battery.

  24. Muda Sugo says

    Dat ass

  25. Tommy Johson says

    T H I C C !

  26. petrus endyantoro says

    better if can use solar power ..

  27. TY Z says

    You're basically trusting your life to a funky looking electric air pump floating on water surface. I wouldn't do that.

  28. Hudiono Alim says

    way overpriced

  29. Tony Lambo says

    Just asses are good

  30. alexis solier says

    Hey where can I buy this items (for diving) but can you send this to France thanks bye

  31. Ichaitu says

    So many things that could go wrong with this ..dangerous bet i would say

  32. Rick Ace says

    I'd just like to say that all your videos should start just like this one

  33. Im Not PickAchuu says

    if you watch philippines fisherman and miners

  34. Ilsunny Lo says

    You know what will be awesome? Those equipment that can purify air from water.

  35. Lazaro Bustos says

    Well that's how you sell anything now days, place a juicy ass within the first 2 seconds of your add and people are sure to notice you!

  36. Arc Kocsog says

    Interesting, but use metric next time, please.

  37. Rudy el Sierra says

    Yeah, it looks cool, but 1st you can't adjust your buoyancy Underwater, and 2nd, it looks unsafe dragging the apparatus with the tension on the hose, moreover, what if the battery is die and you're in the deepest stance, better free diving with snorkel on? And once again don't dive without any proper clothes on.

  38. SupLeon says

    Wait until you get tangled, bent, or a shark bites off that shitty wire.

  39. frilink says

    I seen philipinos sea gypsy use the same system using air compressor

  40. My idea in my imagination stealed.He stole my idea im 12 btw

  41. Ilsunny Lo says

    But it only works on shallow beaches. So its only for specific circumstances. Though you dont need to waste money on oxygen tanks is great.

  42. thomas mcginnis says

    That ass tho…

  43. Tex Rexy says

    What if the shark bite that florescent wire?

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