1. Абыр Валг says

    а крым случайно не из за этого от украины отпал?

  2. Muthyala Sathish says

    Super mask

  3. cornenothome says

    "We were all born from the sea" and now we throw shit in it! Also when you buy a new mask which you don't actually need.

  4. Mark Nope says

    False advertising. Cant go underwater with a full face. This is misleading. Reported

  5. 77easy77 says

    best mask to look like a twat

  6. pipe 129a8 says

    Like si viniste por que su culo esta bien grande

  7. Леонид Люблин says

    Маски для подводного плавания отличного качества любых размеров и цветов с гарантией . доставка в кратчайшие сроки через мой аккаунт https://www.facebook.com/ArieGotfrid

  8. Rodolfo leaada says

    Want to order,,,,how,,,?

  9. Afri Aztrans Channel says

    Can We Breath Underwater…The Water Come Inside Mask Or Not Due Diving Under Water 3 meters

  10. andreas magos says

    Да мозно

  11. timur game says


  12. Greedis PL says


  13. в рот вам ноги says

    Тёлки норм

  14. Nəzrin Qəhrəmanova says


  15. KIKI SAGITA says

    How much snockling full face…

  16. DarkMasta95 says


  17. Chowsp says

    Uh whats the point of this thing if you cant even breathe for a bit underwater or have it prevent ear pain…

  18. abdi dili says


  19. Andrew Rome says


  20. Joney Jonson says

    Another nonsensical fashion! It's not for diving! How will we straighten the pressure by not touching your nose? It can only be used if you swim 0.5 m from the surface of the water, but it is not comfortable.

    Поредната безсмислена мода! Не става за гмуркане! Как ще изравним налягането, като няма как да пипнеш носа си? Може да се ползва само ако плуваш на 0,5 м от повърхноста на водата, но и там не е удобна.

  21. Amber Animations. says

    I got the blue one ☝️

  22. C R says

    3 years heavy use on 6 islands – our two Aria masks were worth every penny. Great fit and no fogging issues. Better design, construction and materials are used than other full-face mask brands. Great customer service out of the US representative as well. Bravo!

  23. Lukas Hirschmann says

    I got the mask now, very nice product. But I got one question. How do you do the equalization? Or how deep can I got without ?

  24. iiScottProGames says

    :C my parents wont let me buy a go pro i wanted 1 since 2017 christmas

  25. SETH GEIS says

    Yeah, good mask for committing suicide. Would recommend for carbon dioxide buildup!

  26. ROSHY 209 says

    Nice mASSk

  27. John D. Kelley says

    I just got a 2018 enkeeo full face mask. Any reviews?

  28. Del says

    Is there a quick release? If this thing fills up with water you need to get it off fast.

  29. Greywolfleader Plays says

    came for the mask, stayed for the girl 😛

  30. E1ace says

    а в ней дышать можно?

  31. Anto Hatatydla says


  32. Hector Alvarez says

    the girl has a really nice ass can you please make a video only showing your beautiful ass !!!

  33. ForceWithPlayZ VLOGS says

    I bought this mask wean i go to underwater i cant breath so is only for snorkiling

  34. Hawaiian Man says

    Srtevrep! ! !

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