3 tips on choosing the right weight belt for freediving

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In this video we show you what kind of weight belt you should choose for free diving. We also show you how much weight you should use and what may happen id you as a free diver choose too much weights.

When training underwater you should always have a buddy to rescue you if you get a blackout. Never train alone


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  1. Kaixuan Lan says

    What if the ocean buoyancy is greater than that in a fresh water pool? How to choose the weight…

  2. Mateusz D says

    Hi! I bought lead weights and some swimming pools don't allow uncoated ones. Is there a special paint or spray we could use to coat them ourselves in order to not let the chlorine react with the lead?

  3. Houssem Attia says

    Hi i'm Houssem from Tunisiea i boght i wet suit and could'nt dive y're vidéo ils vert helpfull and this week i'll by i Weight bel Thanks tout you.

  4. Monster Hugg says

    How does one get such a belt?

  5. Noah says

    you have nice penis

  6. Gabrielius Dieninis says

    I just bring a brick with me…

  7. HyperReaper says

    Lol every one is on top but your under

  8. irie a says

    thanks i am about to get my weight belt but i was wondering what brand is best for quick release ?????

  9. Austin Wang says

    What belt do you have in the video?

  10. Eldo.Channel says

    How many kilos you have?

  11. Pacifica Fisherman says

    Thanks. I will be watching more of your instructive diving videos.

  12. The Tricky Outdoorsman says

    so, i like to dive in lakes, 20 ft down, and rivers to a max of 15 ft. i don't have a wet suit cause i dont know if one will fit me because i have a gut. how much weight should i use?

  13. Grape 1822 says

    If you dis liked your Satan

  14. cpman says

    I'm a swimmer but I never had these I liked to learn more tricks thank you

  15. Richard B says

    very useful where do you find these weights? and I think your breath holding skills are superhuman… how do you relax ??

  16. Duke Smart says

    cool video man (:

  17. Jabs Grizzly says

    LOL he got 22k subcribers but gets less likes

  18. Liam Adams says

    I use a wait belt when I swim

  19. Ola Vigre says

    Tusen takk for alle videoen dine. De har hjulpet meg veldig

  20. Diamond World says

    nice video I loved it

  21. Blasterzz says


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