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We are lucky to be in a sport where all we need is a suit and a pair of goggles to compete. Unfortunately, a lot of swimmers struggle with finding the right pair of goggles. We have been asked countless times what our favorite goggle is, and it’s exactly the goggle we’ve been wearing for the past few months. The best goggles in the world.

There are many important factors to a perfect pair of goggles. Look, comfort, and their ability to stay on your face tend to be the biggest factors. Luckily the MP XCEED Goggles meet all of these prerequisites to become our first choice in goggles. A sleek design that looks downright intimidating to competitors, comfortable fit, perfect straps, and never having to worry about goggles falling off mid race are what make these a must buy for swimmers struggling with finding the perfect goggle.

You can purchase a pair of XCEED here:

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Music by David Cutter

Rating: 4.19

  1. Brandon Huang says

    Execpt they cost 54 dollars!

  2. lhg1227 says

    노래에서 호랑나비 들리신분 좋아요.

  3. Me name jeff says

    I have been swimming since I was 6 and I kind of agree with this. Mostly I would recommend something else as the Xceed leaks, and falls of quite frequently, the gold tint will also deteriorate after a couple of months, and it is very pricey for the quality and overall performance. Though I do like some features. In my opinion I would strongly suggest the Arena Cobra Ultra Mirrored and the Speedo Speed Socket Fastskin 2.0 Mirrored and maybe the Speedo Fastskin Elite 3.

  4. Frogglez Goggles says

    So many choices out there! The best goggles really are those that fit "your" face best…everything out there is still trying to beat the fit and function of the good old swedes….just saying.

  5. [ Iminsane ] says

    They work fine

  6. Kyryl says


  7. Mecha Cubes Studios says

    Does it fog proof?

  8. WBFbySteefen says

    Start at 1:06 anything before that is a bunch of BS. S, it's 11:15pm.

  9. Crooked Star says

    only for outside with the titanium models

  10. Keila Hasimaj says

    Bruh it legit sayssponserd

  11. Bellatrix Lestrange Black says


  12. Monika Thomas says

    Kinda need a pool too haha

  13. StuFighter says

    So how long before they fog up and become difficult to see through, do they leave marks on your face, do they press against the top of your nose, do they get uncomfortable after an hour, So many unanswered questions – what makes them better than other well-known brands? this really is a shit review

  14. Trpimir Sugar says

    hey guys i just wanna buy goggles that dont modify my natural vision when i put them on… are there any goggles like that ? like with flat lens … ty

  15. ArticBlaze says

    I tried the xceeds and the arena cobra ultras. Both were really good but I prefer the cobras

  16. U w U says

    You also need a cap XD

  17. Carl Blaskowitz says

    Ok the cone was worth the entire video

  18. Azri Maynard says

    Do you think these goggles would be suitable for an 11 year old. If not, why.

  19. Jason Jackson says

    Love your guy’s channel

  20. Gigga Niggeh says

    why tf u wearing a swimming cap when u already have no hair whatsoever

  21. Greg Hill says

    I highly recommend the MP XCEED googles. I got these and they are the best goggles I've ever owned. My search is over! The anti-fog is rubbish as with all goggles but baby shampoo fixes that! The Arena Cobra Ultras didn't fit well, leaked if not super tight, the tint was far too dark (even for outdoors), the bend in the lens warps your vision and the quality of the materials was poor considering the price.

  22. Sportsy Marksy says

    I use the Speedo Vanquisher goggles, and they work pretty well. I do have problems with leaking and fogging, but other than that, they are great.

  23. Yeti Gaming says


  24. angel barnhill says

    if i ever go into swimming first thing is first goggles with a nose thing aka snorkel

  25. Alex says

    But do they fog?

  26. Cleetus Tractor says

    Please guys don't buy those goggles, they fall off all the time and leak too, the only thing thats gold about them is the style dont trust them

  27. Manaslis Gaming says

    Arema Cobra is the best

  28. William Lu says

    Is the mist in the goggles a problem?

  29. Helen Pham says

    Casey Neistat?

  30. KeGeKK says


  31. Ryan Dickson says

    2:36 Perfect technique XD

  32. majed1380 says


  33. WWE REVIEW says

    A cap

  34. Daniel Aleksander Jensen says

    Best goggles in the world: arena Cobra.
    The most beautiful goggles whith the Hotest design: arena Cobra ULTRA.

  35. Manoj b nayaka swimmer says

    Dumb guy Speedo and arena are better than mp xeed

  36. lipus maximus says

    and a cap

  37. ElDinko says

    you also need a towel, a pool to go to, and a shower so u can wash out chlorine

  38. Heike Willis says

    hey I have the same goggles

  39. Cesar de Castro says

    Right on ! Nothing like a sincer review with sense of homor. for sports adicted! Nice! Keep in the water!

  40. Pedro Ivo says

    How about the visibility on a indoor pool?

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