Scuba Tech Tips: Buying Scuba Gear – Mask, Snorkel and Fins – S04E02

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Owning your own mask, snorkel and fins (maybe boots), that fit you perfectly makes diving comfortable and fun. Alec shares personal gear buying tips including consider the dive computer as a required personal gear item.

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Rating: 4.98

  1. Jukka Suuronen says

    Since my ears do not like water getting in them I do my snorkeling using IST Pro Ear 2000 mask, keeps water completely off my ear drums. I can have perforation on my ear drum and no problems =) I do not know if they suit scuba diving much, but for snorkeling and going few meters below surface I have had no issues. Just need to keep hair shaved down near ears.

  2. Terran Biped says

    Alec, I too was hatched in 1948 and was weaned on Mike Nelson so maybe that explains why I can't figure out the proper forum to offer topics for tech tips. Is this it or can you direct me to the proper venue? Thanks

  3. Rick Kinney says

    Are purge valves a good idea foe your dive mask?

  4. Garnett M says

    Great help Alec good to get info from a real professional .

  5. Matt D says

    I ended up buying a Cressi Lince mask from my LDS. Unfortunately it was from the Ladies section, but me being cursed with a baby face it was the one that fit best at the price point. Luckily they had one in black instead of the pink display one I tried on LOL or I'd be looking like Alec in the video thumbnail

  6. fxpmike says

    Hi Alec, i'm just starting in diving, i live in the gulf of Mexico where water gets from 72°f to 82°f and i want to get my first pairs of fins but i'm not pretty sure of buying a full foot model like cressi reaction pro or aqualung stratos, or going for something a little bit more over the top with short boots. what would you recommend me considering of diving most of the time in my hometown and maybe some times in the caribbean?

  7. ParkourEh says

    I'm looking to get a pair of fins, but I don't know if it's possible to get a pair of fins that will fit me both in cold water w/ a drysuit and in warm water with just boots. By extension I'm not sure if I would need two pairs of boots in that case (one to fit over all the layers within the drysuit, and the other would just go over my barefoot). Obviously if I can just get one pair of boots and one pair of fins that would reduce costs a lot.

    Any ideas or what I could look into? I'm leaning on the Hollis F2s.

  8. josvani says

    hello alec, im new to scuba diving and i was wondering how would one go out to the ocean if i dont have a boat? thanks

  9. Johan Lusari says

    No one ever explain these things to me, just pick any mask that fit and pay for it. I wish i have seen your videos before start diving, thank you for so many great videos

  10. Lvfree Adventures says

    Hey Alec, what fins would you recommend for someone on budget?

  11. Sameer Kakodkar says

    thanks Alec for the info & i like your sense of humour too !!!

  12. Calizfynest23 says

    Excellent videos my friend! Greetings from Colombia

  13. chris thompson says

    Another great video!! thanks again!

  14. Brad Houghton says

    Thanks for the video Alec!! I wish I would have seen this before I bought my first snorkel and mask. the only advice I got was to "just find one that fits comfortably". Not bad advice, just not enough. Again…thanks for the vids

  15. troop1026 says

    I love all the videos. Sea Hunt is the greatest. The movie The Deep is one of my favorites. Maybe a video on scuba tank storage. Thanks for the great conversation on the phone. Tami says hello. Keep the great videos coming. I have the ping pong ball snokel. Hahaha. Thanks Alec. Montana Mike.

  16. Jacob Fay says

    Thank you Alec 🙂 great video as usual. Really useful and funny / light hearted at the same time.

  17. Alain Dumesny says

    one missing area about mask is black vs clear silicon – I tried cleared a while ago in the tropics (lots of sunlight, shallower) and hated having the light come from above reflect inside and make it hard to see – so I went back to black – yep you get more tunnel vision but it's much clearer IMO.

  18. Neal says

    Yet another benefit of the two-eyed mask is the ability to easily accommodate a wide range of prescription lenses! Just pop out the originals and pop in the new ones!

  19. Tom Knudsen says

    Hi Alec, I am in a transitional phase sort of speak. Wondering if I where to get an Wing bcd to replace my normal bcd. Everybody is telling me they are more stable underwater, you get more streamline and so. What are your take and advice on this?

  20. kaeptenxy 356 says

    well in Technical diving we almost all have scubapro Jetfins and do Frog kiks and thats perfect with a drysuit

  21. TheOldManEric says

    I think it's good to shop around as well. When I did my open water course the dive store in Canberra offered a very good deal if I purchased my gear from them within three months after the course. So I did this, bought a BCD, regs, snorkel, goggles, flippers 🙂 … Etc. This was in Canberra. So, couple of years later I go buy a warmer wet suit from a store at Batemans bay down the road. And guess what I find… I could have purchased all my gear at full price from them at twenty percent less than I did in Canberra after that stores 15 percent course discount! Now I shop around…

  22. Aziz Brian Khan says

    I would suggest to newer divers to splurge on the fins. Bungee straps, comfortable foot pockets, some claim to save on air consumption because of the efficiency and maneuvering through currents are some of the benefits to high end fins in my opinion.

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