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Today we made a scuba diving mask from a Soviet Union times cold war gas mask.
As today was one of the hottest days during the whole summer i wanted to go diving and explore the depths of my pool. To do that i needed some scuba diving gear. As you know here on this channel we can make almost anything, so within a couple of hours we managed to make our own scuba diving gear to breath under water.
We used an old USSR gas mask and a couple of old fire extinguishers. This combination allowed us to breath under water with no problems.
The experiment is a channel where we conduct experiments that are supervised by professionals so do not try to repeat any of the experiments featured on this channel.

Rating: 4.75

  1. Zak Robinson says

    I need to do that

  2. Alice Lacy says

    Licking my company

  3. GOD CHANNEL says


  4. Mackenzie Whethers says

    hey those GP-5s contain asbestos in the filters, you might not want to be using those…

  5. Abetsss Cornulet says

    DIY IP5

  6. Repdebt says

    When its summer break and you want to go swimming but the water has radiation.

  7. Hayden Porter says


  8. Tiernan Emilsson says

    Lifespan decreased by 40years

  9. Lorenz 1 says

    Beware of Asbestos

  10. GOD CHANNEL says

    So good I love it

  11. Gorgis 0407 says

    The old gp5 filters have asbestos in them

  12. Sputnik Can Play says

    Were you actually able to equalize pressure with the mask though? (I would imagine it would be quite simple considering you can flex the rubber around your nose, but still, I haven't made a GP-5 scuba set).

  13. FinpolBall mapper 148 says

    Nice GP-5 i have GP-5

  14. AllNight21 says

    Cheeki Breeki

  15. Baby Scooby says

    I would not use that Cold War filter, it's because it has asbestos.

  16. Patrick Aichner says

    This guy has asbestosis

  17. DJ. Duck says

    That gp5 filter if it is the origanal contains asbestos

  18. David Djokic says


  19. Callsighn Owl says
  20. Rory Cameron says

    Those filters have been proven to have asbestos in them

  21. Oh dear… you used a Russian Cold War era filter? Good news (not really) it most likely has asbestos in it. This is to say: NEVER use Russian filters made before or during the 1990s. They will almost always contain asbestos, and as it is in the filter, then it will not be able to filter out the asbestos. And DO NOT use that for any real diving! Scuba divers use precisely calibrated air mixes. For on the surface it is fine, but any real depth, it will become toxic.

  22. Mr Pizzapi says

    The filter (green canister) has tons of asbestos in them.

  23. Alex Trujillo says

    Keep the filter just as a novelty but those contain asbestos in them, just pick up a modern 40mm nato filter there's cheap, don't contain anything harmful and you can actually use them against chemical and gas exposure

  24. Mason Martinez says

    Cancer filter

  25. TheEPROM9 says

    There is aspestos in those old filters so you would be better off getting a modern filter that fits that type of gas mask.

  26. ScubaTastic says

    I would not use this setup and think its dangerous to your health.

  27. Advanced Patriot54 says

    Just a heads up for future projects… those specific gas mask filters have traces of asbestos

  28. Pnda 99 says

    Asbestos underwater huuummmm

  29. Gas mask Lad says

    Yo I love gas masks and never thought that you would be able to do that

  30. No name 12 says

    Not from the cold war

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