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I dive in some of the coldest water in the world. A few times I have had my watch reading 7 degrees c.

In the tropics though its really just Mask + Snorkel + Fins!

Cold Water Gear:
– Reef Gloves
– Auqalung Sphera Mask
– Omer marseillaise rubber weight belt
– Billabong Foil 5/4/3
– Custom 3mm booties
– Topis snorkel
– C4 Flaps

Oh and by the way – I am not trying to say freediving wetsuits they don’t work – because they do.

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Rating: 4.88

  1. damo sutcliffe says

    I agree with you about the free diving suits,where i live in a much cooler climate i would be border line Hypothermic if i got myself wet to put on a free diving suit before going in the sea in the winter and one other reason i dislike them is they are open cell which is more buoyant than closed cell so you end up using more energy because you have to carry more weight to keep a closed cell suit neutrally buoyant. I live close to Norway so I wear a 7mm Pinnacle one piece neck entry merino lined semidry suit (Pinnacle Polar) I can also put a 5mm front zip shorty over the top of that if needs be, 7mm Gul socks,5 mm Epsealon gloves as they have been the only glove i can find which actually has palm grip and i keep toasty and warm over a four hour spearfishing dive. (free food lol)

  2. Crystal Freediving says

    If you are worried about the fragility of the freediving wetsuit, use a wetsuit for spearfishing!! It is much more durable and it really keeps you warm!!

  3. jay thompson says

    Great video bro . personally I would add a thermal bottom and heavier gloves . a speedo is great but only for the warmer months .

  4. Vitomir Maricic says

    uw stuff rule. Cool.

  5. ocripcurrent says

    Hell yeah man, bodyboarders for life +++

  6. Toupe Dosso says

    What's the point of wearing a belt 5kg belt ?


    Suscribed..get a see for my channel and suscribe to be conected.Best regards.

  8. Krijnovic says


  9. TankyG says

    "sometimes i had my watch reading 7 degrees", come to norway, we freedive during the winter months in lofoten, coldest i have done is 2 degrees

  10. MP5casey says

    what watch u r wearing ? I see u have 2 watch some video..

  11. albo bia says

    the c4 cost about 450$

  12. Random Person says

    Do you have any suggestions for keeping your lips warmer? Ive been free diving in 3-15 celsius. The only problem I have is that my lips start to hurt after 5 min. Ive been thinking about making some sort of a heated lip guard. Or maybe trying lanolin oil?

  13. Frederick Johnson says

    Are you supposed to use earplugs when freediving?

  14. swedishrice says

    If you can stand to be in the water wearing 5/4/3, surf suit, you can't be in cold water. In Northern California a 7mm two-piece open cell is needed year-round.

  15. Blueoom says

    I have a wetsuit that is meant for freediving and it is a one piece like that one and it works great and is durable

  16. Tome Zhao says

    What kind of watch your wearing in this video?

  17. whynottalklikeapirat says

    7 degrees C … such luxury =.O

  18. Michelangelo Gautschi says

    I also use a surf suit (xcel) for freediving. They are easier to attire and modify, a relevant fact especially when you're an amputee like I am.

  19. nice rewiev! enjoyed watching it!

  20. 1FrenchConnection1 says

    I'm freediving of Nova Scotia Canada, and I highly recommend 5 finger heat NEOPRENE GLOVES 3mm – 5mm. Usually 3 mm is enough. Keep posting video I'm always looking, but I'm suggest that you should keep the video under 4 minutes or we are loosing interest I did the same mistake.

    Here is the link;

    You must to try this gloves!!!

    No Ocean to cold!

  21. Scuba Guy says

    Wow!! It is still cheaper than scuba diving which i do. I just wish i could dive where you go. Maybe one day.

  22. Scuba Guy says

    oh my god!! Those things are 500.00 for fins!! man you have to love free diving.

  23. Toilet Duck says

    Thanks, great video. For me, I just can't justify the cost of a separate wetsuit for diving, if I already surf… here on So Cal beaches, a freediving suit would probably get thrashed in a few minutes. Luckily, in summer time the water is generally warm enough to dive in boardshorts and a decent rashie anyway.

  24. t42 Press says

    Ive watched a lot of your vids Freediver HD – how come I can't remember seeing you in a cold water dive with this surfsuit on? Would you model it? I like models….especially rogue models who dont wear the recommended gear!!

  25. Ronnie wilson says

    Have you ever tried spearfishing?….and i agree with you on the open cell i have one, they aren't the most comfortable but keep me warm.

  26. Alex Geyzner says

    Great video! You should try Elios custom made heiwa aws wetsuit! Open cell is something you get used to very quickly. After that you will never come back to surfing wetsuit.

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