What's the best Scuba Tank to buy ** Scuba Tank Basics

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What’s the best Scuba tank to buy ** Which scuba tank should I buy and why ? Links to steel and Low Pressure tanks. See pricing:

We discuss popular tank up-grades for excellent buoyancy control and for extended recreational bottom times.

Look for our other video on;
Large Tanks – Little Tank – High Pressure – Low Pressure Tanks

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  1. Geoff waterman says

    Always great to have practical experienced advise. Im new open water trained and fresh with lots to learn.
    Assuming one should have a buddie , i would need to purchace 2 tanks as not to be limited to the partners (usual) volume supply?

    Also how durable are they?
    What quallity of paint are they protected with?
    And can the normal dive boat compressor handle the extra pressure?
    Would i be always debating with the boat hand to pump extra into the tank?

  2. Ranger77 says

    I dive steel 100's and want to begin carrying a separate alternate air source in a sidemount configuration. would you suggest I stick with steel, say an 80 or even smaller. or is an aluminum 80 ok

  3. Will says

    Yup down here in Fl we have lots of caves and some visitors try that crap and some dive shops will fill there tanks and do an injustice to our sport that way. I was trained by old diver and drilled Day one that you are responsible for your life and your buddy’s life as well when you dive so that the time and do it right. Besides being a professional PADI 5 star he’s also a commercial diver as well and we where truly blessed to have him teach us one on one

  4. Will says

    That’s good to her. Then they really should have there C card taken away. It’s like the dive master says sets the dive in feet. Doesn’t mean that everybody can dive that depth as you know. I used to live in and dive in cold waters and now I live in Fl and watching people not pay attention to what they are doing on the dive and then step in and explain why we do this in our spot. Have a safe dive and keep on diving

  5. Will says

    I was just watching your video on high vs low pressure tanks. You did tell the viewers that a Din regular can take more pressure then a Yolk regulators can. Because the person who buys a high pressure tank can do some damage to there Yolk configuration regulators because of that higher pressure tank you should share that with the viewers

  6. Mike Ramsey says

    Great discussion on tanks, I like the idea of the smaller tank weight but love the idea of the 100 cf tank and the extra safety margin of air.

  7. Ketsu No says

    Here in Australia the majority of tanks people use are steel, it's rare to see aluminium tanks being used. As for diving all the time with nitrox, well that becomes very expensive here where I dive in Melbourne, $28 per fill as opposed to $8 for air. Most people dive on air. Don't get me wrong nitrox is great but you have to be a lot more careful with watching your depth than you do with air. I do however like your system in the states where you only hydro your tanks every five years, here it has to be every year. Great video, keep them coming.

  8. Thomas Sipf says

    Great information.

  9. Sean Gillen says

    Not sure why nobody has commented. Great video and comparison of different tanks. Thank you very much. I need more bottom time and less weight in my BCD. I don't anticipate using a steel tank in salt water. Most travel destinations use the aluminum 80's. How much extra care do you have to give steel tanks over aluminum?

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