1. Jeff Morgan says

    You say you were warm comfortable after your dive but you give no water tempature as a point of refrence from your test dive?

  2. Rabih Sfeir says

    Super amazing suit. Not far from being a dry suit. warm, comfy, nice to wear in winter and great in water. My only issue was the squeeze it gave me on shoulders and upper back even after more then 10 dives. i contacted my dealer and scubapro company with both giving me irrelevant excuses with no real solution and honestly for the price you pay for such suit seeking good name and quality you should get better. Though i highly recommend this suit just make sure the dealer will return in case you get teh squeeze after few dives.

  3. Anna Aldridge says

    Thanks for a great video. Very helpful as I am also looking to purchase the new ladies Nova Scotia for diving here in Cape Town, SAfrica (water temp 9-20degC). I have been very happy diving in my old 6.5mm Nova Scotia these past 5 years. Repeating another comment here, but, indeed, what was the water temp?

  4. LUIS FRANCO says

    What boots and gloves did you used?
    Thank you and have a pleasant day.
    Good video.

  5. blue ocean says

    i have the old model…6.5mm..i bought it 5 years ago..i am very satisfied…the only i need to change in it,,are the aqua stop…nothing else ..very durable and reliable.actually i buy only scubapro product..

  6. nini says

    can i have it

  7. Vincent Johnston says

    really enjoyed this video – I started as a trainee with a dry suit – I had so many problems with being too positively buoyant (including a bleeding nose) that I almost gave up diving – someone in my club offered to sell me their nearly new Novascotia 6.5mm – from then on my diving has come on leaps and bounds and now I can't wait to get into the water (in Scottish waters too!!) – needles to say, my next suit will be a Novascotia Semi Dry

  8. tyson1ize says

    what was the water temp??

  9. Colin Campbell says

    Just wondering what size is the suit? I am going to order one online and you look around my size.

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