How Do Wetsuits Keep You Warm?

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Snorkelers, surfers, divers. They all use them… wetsuits! So how do they work to keep you warm? It turns out layers of materials, and water itself!

Hosted by: Olivia Gordon
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Rating: 4.59

  1. raven4140 says

    The upspeak is insufferable

  2. Surfmus says

    If you ever gone surfing, diving, or even swimming in the ocean, you may have worn a wetsuit before?

    I don't know, you're telling me or asking.

  3. Lemorecn wetsuit says

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  4. Ultraspire X says

    I might get a wetsuit soon

  5. Alex Soriano says

    Can’t stand how she talks. So annoying.

  6. Emanuel Mouratidis says

    Almost lost you there..

  7. Hamid Tahmasebi says


  8. Peter Vadiveloo says

    Thanks for the vid and info but please work on your speaking style – it seems very affected and is quite uncomfortable/annoying to listen to. Listen to how normal people speak and just copy that style and sound. Just speak like a normal person, you don't need to over-animate your speech style just because you are in a video.

  9. David Baltazar says


  10. Aaron Oshidari says

    why are beyblades so adiccding

  11. Miki J says

    w e t

  12. Nicholas Rinaldi says

    Olivia lookin' good

  13. dylan simmons says

    She said keep these answers coming. not questions?

  14. InHumano XY says

    Beautiful Olivia Gorgon, I love you, your messy hair, your cute voice!
    Tw: FB:

  15. Muzz Shah says

    is that you Amy Farra Fowler ?

  16. ths800 says

    What's this in her nose?

  17. Ranjit says

    What is the difference between pulse or blood pressure?

  18. Jeffrey S says

    You speak in a millennial up swing, it's really annoying

  19. Mac Mares says

    that lil sound she makes as the end of her sentences thats like a groan oh god it kills me please stop

  20. VlRGlL says


  21. photondance says

    The thumbnail looks like a tooth.

  22. 4Dmike says

    hair also creates a lot of drag in the water. I doubt we'll be seeing too many fur covered wet suits.

  23. Count chocula says

    Olivia is miserable. She needs a man to fuck her before she hosts the next one.

  24. Jean Carlos Niehues says

    Look a Chewbacca surfer… nope its just the new kind of wet suit O.o

  25. vgman94 says

    Wetsuits sound so sexual to me… Remember kids, wetsuits are for….wetwork.

  26. Karculus says

    Where is hank?

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