How To Pack for Scuba Travel Tips from Jill Heinerth

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Tips for packing luggage for scuba diving travel from a professional underwater photographer and technical diver Jill Heinerth.
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  1. HanchoPOW says

    I carry nova fins, a bcd, reg and octo, computer , wetsuit, gloves and boots all in a crarry on duffel. Weighs less than 20lbs and i can easily carry it as a backup. I dont have to worry about lost gear, expensive baggage fees and makes traveling so easy and light.

  2. Sonny Crockett says

    Sorry, but you are wrong again dummy.  Wheeled luggage of any size adds 10 lbs. or more of valuable weight A good expedition bag no wheels just back pack straps weight a mere 2-3 lbs. plus they are 4 times stronger than crappy dive luggage like Stahlsac, something like the Patagonia Black hole Bag or the North Face bags.  Just because you are a week dumbass chick – if you cant carry your own gear you shouldn't be diving anyway.

  3. African Twin says

    Dont forget a extra high insurance for baggage loss. Iff your ccr of 10K usd get lost you only get a fraction of the price back normally. But if you got sponsored by rebreather manufactors then it isnt a big deal . youll get free new ones.

  4. Ming Song says

    Surprise to find ur channel, I was reading ur book on cave diving and actually got a reply couple weeks ago from you since I was doing some research on diving. Good channel and great advice. Thank you for the work.

  5. Capt Eric Bergeron says

    Awesome video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

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