GUE Scuba Gear Configuration vs. Jacket-style Configuration

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Episode 1 – Introduction: The guests are entering the stage
In this episode, GUE Instructor Dorota Czerny introduces the two different equipment configurations, outlining the main components of a single tank system on both of them. You will learn the main reasons for creating this video, what the advantage of a jacket-style BCD is, and what the big advantage of the GUE system is. You’ll also get a glimpse of how Dorota got to know the long-hose, backplate configuration and what her first take was on that!

Video and editing: Dimitris Fifis
Instructor: Dorota Czerny

A short story about the differences

In our new, five-episode equipment series, GUE Instructor Dorota Czerny discusses the differences between a GUE-configured equipment set, consisting of a single tank, backplate, harness, wing, and long hose regulator system, and a jacket-style system that is most common in recreational diving. The comparison covers general components and goes into detail about streamlining, fit, and function; weighting options; managing out-of-gas situations in the two regulator configurations; and offers some advice for GUE-trained recreational divers.

The purpose of the series is not only to differentiate the two equipment configurations, but to provide GUE-trained recreational divers with an overview of an equipment set they may need to use when traveling to a destination where GUE-configured equipment is not available and they are not able to travel with their own system.

Rating: 4.88

  1. CheekyMonkey888 says

    The wing adds buoyancy to the tank, not the diver – what stops it from pushing the diver's face into the water if the diver is no longer conscious and surfaces on bcd lift alone?

  2. LiquidGF says

    Very nice video, well made!
    Happy new year. 🙂

  3. hany hassan says

    How can I do a cross over to GUE rec diver ?

  4. Paul Duffy says

    I’d put the alternative air hose on the left side .. if someone wants to uses it, it won’t have a twisted/ tension hose trying to pull the regular out of their mouth..if they pull your regulator out of your mouth , as an instructor you should be okay with that your hose is twisted/ tension haven’t run out of air.or panicked

  5. Smaghed says

    at 7:19 … are those split fins on the left? 😀
    Sillyness aside; I feel like wing and backplate are getting more common over the last couple of years. At this point, if a dive center shows it is unfamiliar with this setup, I would walk away.
    Hopefully in a couple of years, more organisations will adopt it as standard training equipment.

  6. Dunning Kruger says

    I almost died with PADI training.

  7. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    Hey guys, just a friendly reminder – it’s 7ft long not 6ft.

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