Dive Mask Guide

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Your dive mask is probably your most important piece of kit so you want to pick the right one. All of our diving masks have tempered glass lenses that are tough and do not splinter when broken but crumble into pieces. While most have standard tempered glass some masks have Ultra-Clear Glass which have fewer impurities allowing greater light transmission and a true view underwater.

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Rating: 4.78

  1. Amriy Ansar says

    Boleh diudar zeng

  2. Saadane Roula says

    I use a seac m70 for scuba and free diving but i would like to know what mask is at 3:22

  3. Lala Port says

    omg how do I decide what to get >< so many different types

  4. Gary says

    Is it just the shitty cheap ones that always snap?

  5. HaMzOx says

    The best mask for teen??

  6. Fernando Alvarado says

    i use the hollis m4 mask

  7. Miguel Nogueira says

    I use omer alien mask, its great cus i like to freedive from times to times

  8. atlantean 107 says

    I use a black tear drop mask

  9. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    OMS (black) frameless, low volume, single lens. Best mask especially since I got it cheap for €30

  10. Faris Abdulkhadir says

    holis m3 and it works like a charm… a bit of spit, rinse and you're good to go!

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