1. csaba erdős says

    i think it is 1000 dolars

  2. SeikiBrian says

    All that for £29.99? Not in your wildest dreams!


    Awesome I need this

  4. hayden ireland says

    Where can you buy this

  5. Jimmy126Gamer says

    Stupid plane ✈️ ;-;

  6. Anata no Shi says

    if you could get that entire kit it would b awesome

  7. blake fallon says

    where do you get that gear

  8. Guitaring Enthusiast says

    I'm going scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef and I'm doing paid training hopefully

  9. Jonny Chandler says

    This time the homework task was to make a commercial about your favourite "toy/sports kit".  So we took advantage of Bill's open water training to do a shopping-channel take on "Kid's Scuba Kit"…..

  10. neil cafferky says

    where did you get the kit? help will be very good of you


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