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The Waterproof Ultima Dry Glove System is a ring and seal set that should fit most drysuits so that you can fit dry gloves for warmer hands in colder waters. The Ultima System was designed to be easy to mount, dependable, streamlined and fit Waterproof drysuits and other drysuits with latex cuffs out of the box.

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  1. Hold on,, there is a mistake in this tutorial. The procedure for fitting gloves to the rings is NOT the same for all gloves. Gloves which have a smooth inside surface such as latex gloves are done as shown but gloves that have a fabric inside such as most PVC gloves are fitted in a different way and may not seal if fitted in the way shown. The manual describes both methods. Please could you correct this.

  2. Ivan Solomon says

    thanks man, just the best review as usual !

  3. Maxim C says

    What kind is a glove that?

  4. carlo marco alvan vela says

    Great tutorial !!!!!

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