Cressi Adjustable Mask & Fin Snorkel Set Review

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This is an excellent snorkel and mask set for travel. It packs compactly, so it’s not as bulky as other snorkel set alternatives. It also weighs less than a lot of other snorkel sets and that’s a major plus for air travel! It comes with an excellent travel bag too! Please share and be sure to subscribe to IrixGuy’s Adventure Channel ( and enjoy my other videos too!

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Rating: 3.59

  1. S Solomn says

    never showed how to attach the mask how to adjust mask not imressed

  2. Kay King says

    Not a review guys, it's unboxing, not useful doesn't seem too know what he's talking about….to the point the''trash that comes with it'' actually to keep foot pocket shape which come in most fins lol

  3. Jim Banville says

    This is an unboxing (unbagging). NOT A REVIEW. A review would b explaining how it performed in real world use over time.

  4. sidfor911truth says

    How do I buy this directly from you? Trying not to give Jeff bezos every damn purchase.

  5. Schrödinger's Ape says

    This review would be more helpful if you'd actually used it, tested for leaks and fogging and comfort.

  6. Dudley008 says

    do you need special flipper socks??

  7. Dudley008 says

    do you need special flipper socks??

  8. J T says

    The Cressi products are all loaded up with PHONY/FRAUDULENT positive reviews on Amazon, so I have decided to avoid anything Cressi!

  9. Shark Stop motions says

    does it come in red?

  10. Nick Lewis says

    They look good. I shall see if they sell them in the UK as we need one each for our Mauritius trip in 4 weeks time

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