Full-face snorkel masks raise safety concerns

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Hawaii is grappling with an increase in snorkel-related deaths. Ten people have died since January. A full-face snorkel mask is at the center of one theory about the rise in deadly incidents, with four deaths linked to the gear. Vladimir Duthiers reports.

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  1. Michal Korejtko says

    its completly safe if u use it properly.. just read instructions

  2. KingEthan 09876 says

    With the full face mask if you are under water with it and then water goes into the mask and you are drowning you have t9 put your head out of the water and then the water will spill out the mask maybe that’s what caused the wife to die because she drowned in it

  3. dog eater says

    just let them die the world is already over populated

  4. Ma Broken Leg says

    not to discredit his wife or anything, my condolences go to this man and his family, but a person who drowns while snorkeling a few inches under the surface does not seem like a great swimmer. she should definitely not have been snorkeling alone…

  5. qwertyuiop poiuytrewq says

    you people a to old to wear this..go home and rest

  6. my name is my name says

    whales have evolved to look like humans

  7. Riccardo Cacchioli says


  8. Taric 115 says

    The full face snorkels give me headaches

  9. DemoMAN says

    HAWAII is ground zero because most people visiting HAWAII are swimming and/or snorkeling. More people = greater chance of accidents. I have one of these masks for snorkeling and have never experienced any issues, i love it. I guess if someone chokes on a sucker, its the sucker manufacturers fault nowadays. We wonder why our insurance rates are through the roof. Everyone is sue happy.

  10. Winnie Yao says

    OKAY I WATCHED IT YOUTUBE. please stop recommending this to me the thumbnail is creepy

  11. addin8585 says

    my condo is ground zero to snorkeling

  12. NightCoder says

    Here's what I think happens: A person catches a sudden shortage in breathing, which instinctively leads to trying to remove the mask right off, but this mask doesn't allow you to do so, which results in a panic and further difficulty breathing. And moments later, you black out, and that's it, you die. The biggest risk with these masks – they do not let you remove one immediately. That's one huge safety hazard!

  13. Magienionar says

    i am okay with all this fat people dying…

  14. M. G. Krøger says

    Never swim alone, is rule number one, no matter what kind of mask you wear. No expert is so superficial to swim alone, unless they stay very very close to the coast.

  15. Shxx says

    im using this snorkel for 5 months and im no dead

  16. ktkrap says

    Its unclear if going in the water increase your chances of drowning or not. Rolls eyes.

  17. David Law says

    No one cared who i was until i put on the mask

  18. Bob Dylan says

    They look like bdsm masks or something lol

  19. bboyjunyor says

    This is so stupid!!!! If you have 10 deaths per year… before the mask they were all linked to the standard equipment. If more and more people use the mask… just as many as before can die… just that some will be after they use the mask! You just need to follow the Manual! (if they're fake, they can both be fake, face and standard tube). How do these moronic news get to be actual NEWS!!?!?!?!

  20. Thomas Decarlo says

    4:30 this man right here hit the problem on the nose. It why none of the dive shops near me sell them anymore.

  21. clough211 says

    do people realize that we can't breathe underwater?

  22. TheTinXe says

    1:50 to skip to the point

  23. Wonder __ says

    I use the mask and i never had problems with it

  24. Free vbucks says

    some newer mawsks have a button to instantly loosen the mask.

  25. ezni82 says

    The legend said, that mask not for swiming but for war.

  26. ezni82 says

    The legend said, that mask not for swiming but for war.

  27. Gun Jew says

    the issue with them is that they leak and you have to control your breathing. I got one of these when I was in florida and when I dived to grab a shell about 8ft down, the seal on the mask broke and the mask flooded. Also, having a giant mass of air on your face makes its very difficult to dive. They are great for surface snorkeling, they are not for diving. They are also really good for swimming in high swells because the mask protects your face from the water splashing against you. If you ever had to jump ship during a storm, it would be better to be wearing one of these.

  28. Symeon Antoniadis says

    that mask would be a great idea if the ventilation was artificial

  29. P Wever says

    sounds like a deadtrap to me.. coastgaurd/lifegaurd with no comment should say plenty

  30. kcegr says

    darwing!.. 😛

  31. MANS4ON says

    First world problems.

  32. Sean Thompson says

    Jeez I'd never wear one of those death traps unless it was a full faced SCUBA mask and even then it would be awkward.

  33. Puffalupagus says

    reactionary reporting at its finest

  34. 2rad4rio says

    You can kinda just look at it an go like "Oh yeah the water fills up and if you get to the top you have to get it off or something but like why would you get water in it in the first place?"

  35. Emil Marinov says

    Conclusion: The chances of death rise when you buy stuff from amazon. xD

  36. ROBLOX GAMING says

    Man that snorkel is bull i`d rather not buy it

  37. Benedocta says

    First I didn't get what would be the problem with those. But simply if a decent amount of water would get in there, it would be very easy to panic. A normal snorkel, you just spit it out and you're free and can breathe normally immediately. That thing, you have to think and perform the tiniest amount to get it off, and if you're panicking, that can be enough to be in trouble. And if you're not the best swimmer, already struggling… Yeah I can see how you're gonna suffucate/drown with that thing and it makes me shiver.

  38. Mngalahad says

    wait, so they die on the surface of the water without noticing? is that what is happening?

  39. pimpciak says

    It was the hoverboards year before, now snorkeling masks… World is coming to end! ;p

  40. Karlie Lindsay says

    Still think that the premier on is better

  41. potatochobit says

    maybe add a mouth piece to BLOW out air, but the open face can still breathe through the nose.

  42. potatochobit says

    carbon monoxide poisoning? that is something.

  43. Jou Nin says

    even with normal snokrels people dies

  44. Malek Spahi says

    I used this mask before, and I can say for sure it's a death trap hahahahahah

    i've been swimming since i was 4 and snorkeling since i was 6 .. this mask looks awesome but has the ability to cause death easier than regular snorkel masks

  45. EbberDeeMills says

    Mostly in that people wearing those stupidass things will be bullied into suicide.

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