1. Maulana Winata says

    Very helpful, simple explanation I like it.
    Btw I just finished open water and I already did 13 dives, I would want your advice on setting my divecom up (this is my first divecom ever), I just don't know the numbers, should I just follow your numbers on the settings? And I accidentally opened the compass, but I forgot how to open it which it's not included in this video.

  2. ChickenDiverMunich says

    Nichts gegen Dich persönlich, aber das Englisch ist grausam. Dreh es lieber vernünftig auf Deutsch.

  3. Nikola Pereski says

    Does the transmitter come with the computer or do you have to buy it separately? If you need to buy it can you tell me the price of the transmitter.Thanks

  4. MrBeamerdave says

    How do u pair the transmitter cheers

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