1. OneWorld says

    You are amazing! you are teaching us to use our brain also while diving 🙂 it's pretty useful as I have long time questions and searching for an answer about how much Air did I am using during this deep as I want to be able calculated up front. Thank you so much for this education, respect!!!!

  2. Diving you Madd Frank says

    Great Video! Keep up the awesome English videos!

  3. szveha says

    For me the last part about air consumption is very interesting!!! Thanks!!

  4. Michael Thompson says

    Most of the first 7 minutes to prove that SPGs can't explode when they can and do! I have pictures of a friend's that did explode and he was saved by his training. The fact that there is only a pinhole in the hose is irrelevant if the Bourden spiral leaks air slowly into the housing until it does explode. This video should be considered dangerous.

  5. Joachim Wille says

    Good to hear that the HP hose has a tiny prick 😀

  6. N.O.W. Dive says

    Nice to read JCA! I hope more instructors like yourself will benefit from this video to inhance their teaching.


    Holy shit guys! I teach all these things at the pool with my NEW students. 

    I also show the students why the cylinder valve should be all the way open (NOT turned back 1/4 turn) and what it can look like on the SPG as the diver breathes the air out of the 1st stage reg body and all the hoses empty and then refill…

    YES…!!! The SPG doesn't tell you how much gas you have it CONFIRMS it…!!!

    If I didn't know better, I'd say your were NAUI instructors, but nobody's perfect… LOL. Just kidding…

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