How to make your diving mask not fog – Stop scuba diving mask from fogging

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In this video we teach you some simple steps you can do to make sure you scuba diving mask never fogs up.
If you want to buy some products made for diving masks here are some links.

Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray:
M Essentials Sea Gold Anti-Fog Gel for Dive Masks:


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  1. januda games says

    I Wonder if it's gonna make my eyes sting??????

  2. sancak099 says

    I pee it and no more fog.

  3. Jordan Jarvis says

    Rub the lense on your ball bag for optimum results

  4. leslie yiu says

    Dont dip it into the sea , it will contribute to pollute the water

  5. Samuel Self says

    That film you see burning away is the safety film they put on the glass. It helps the glass not turn in to pointy shards if they break.

  6. Abdulsameeu Ibrahim says

    use no tear baby shampoo instead of dish wash soap! it prevents burning sensation of eyes n skin irritation unlike dish soap!

  7. Nisse Von Gåslefver says

    Just stupid to use a lighter probably just a sales trick to sell more diving masks, toothpaste works just fine.

  8. roxy kalakani says

    Or you can use spit but if you are disgusted by that just use only toothpaste

  9. Dolphin Gaming says

    If your mask wants to fuck, let it fuck! Don’t you dare do anything about the mask’s sexual life!


  10. spacebassist74 says

    Don't use dish washing soap. Use Johnson and johnson's baby shampoo. Put a small dab on the inside of your lens, and wipe it out with a towel. Smells good and won't burn your eyes

  11. Student says

    when you wear a face mask, if you go down a little bit, water will come in unexpectedly and drown you like what happen to someone

  12. Ilias PLAYER says

    First I was letting a little water in it and than i washed every time when the glasses where foggy

  13. free frog

  14. alexis nemesis says

    Instructions unclear, got testicle stuck on bike tire

  15. D. Cannaboom says

    Nooooo! No No No. Do not put phosphates from that soap into the sea! THIS is why there are algea problems in the oceans. Phosphates are food for algea.

  16. D. Cannaboom says

    I cannot afford to buy a mosque

  17. olliemario sike says

    Jeg vet at du bor i trondheim Christian

  18. Ingve Fredriksen says

    are you from norway or sweden because i see you have Salo and we have Salo in norway.

  19. SnipeShot says

    The dish sole says “Zalo en dråpe er nok” SO IT MEANS UR NORWEGIAN? Hvis du bor I Norge er det kult

  20. BoKi says

    Slice a potato

  21. LaineStunts says

    You can do this with saliva.

  22. gbscott4 says

    does this remove shatterproofing of the glass or is that an integral feature of the glass?

  23. tryndAme3 says

    Wow you used zalo as the soap, never knew you were norwegian xD

  24. CHill TACtics says

    Dude r u half fish or what?

  25. Omar Yaqobi says

    Du er kul

  26. Patrick B says

    baby shampoo is the best

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