1. Kyle Barnes says

    Lip smacking..couldn't make it more than 30 seconds.

  2. Oliver Wagner says

    I was wondering when downloading onto the computer is it the dm5 setup? Or is there an app? Or what is the case? Do you get a dive profile? When downloading?
    I also think a video on automatic diving logbook apps would be useful?

  3. Nicolle Rubendall says

    At 7:51 into the video – on that screen – if you hit the up button and it rotates thru the different information – what does the 0.3% O2 mean? Just making sure it's maintaining the 1.4 O2 pressure I set for Nitrox. Thank you!

  4. Miri Miri says

    After and during my dives, where can I see, what the water temperature is/was? I doesnt appear in the log. Thanks for your help:)

  5. Game Ville says

    this is an extremely stupid question but how do you turn it off

  6. GasMY says

    I've just got this computer and I can't understand how to wear it without having the very long strap in the way

  7. dharmapunk5 says

    This is the computer I decided to get. I'm quite happy with it. Really user friendly interface.

  8. GlamazonBarbie says

    I love your reviews and I absolutely love this computer. I have it as the combo with the pressure gauge as a backup to my Suunto D6i. They use the same USB cable, I have a backup computer which is piece of mind because I love deep dives, and because I love night dives I can just hit the pressure gauge on the combo with my light for an easy to read, long lasting glow of information. 🙂

  9. rtm12252 says

    Can you tell me where to get the torque screwdriver

  10. David Cohn says

    Nice presentation.  What's the vertical bar indicator on the left side of the readout.  The right side vertical bar is for ascent rate.Thanks

  11. Jennifer Wallace says

    I just got this dive computer. It doesn't have a log on it after history and I'm trying to work out how to get all the information to fill in my log book for the day. Advice?

  12. PlasticGangster83 says

    What do i need to convert this wrist mount computer into a console alongside the suunto sm-36 pressure gauge?

  13. Sarah says

    Hello, thanks for the cool video, allows me to get around it before buying. I want to order it but I'm confused with the cable part. It is my first dive computer purchase and living in India, I have to be careful when buying from France or US (people coming delivering my orders). How can we use the Zoop without a cable? It's said it's optional but how can you charge it without the cable? Thanks a lot for your help!

  14. Margel Campaner says

    Hello i got some silly questions but it wont hurt to ask i guess 🙂

    1. This has a back light function correct? it gets difficult to see the numbers and details deeper…
    2. I know its not advisable but could you turn the – Auto Dive mode for this? i mean if after in between dives you'll just go swimming…

    Thanks for answers in advance!

  15. Vladimir Stijovic says

    ..one more thing, in your video, about alarms, it is not about daily alarm, it is about sound alarms related to events might occur during dive, like fast ascent, too deep, to shallow on deco and so on…

  16. Vladimir Stijovic says

    One silly (or not) question please, is it possible to switch between diving modes during actual dive, like, for example to switch from air to nitrox? Guess not, should get locked into one mode as it has no multi gas capabilities, but had to ask anyway as interests me really?
    Thanks and best regards!

  17. ChrisM_1 says

    how do you set this to PC transfer?

  18. Guilherme Bovo Fernandez says

    Hello, I'v bought my Suunto Zoop Novo Blue in Spain and I live in Brazil, the data cable didnt come with my Suunto.

    I'd like to know wich cable I should buy since I don't find anywhere a cable for Suunto Zoop Novo.

    Thank you.

  19. Huddie Bennett says

    I have looked for an explanation of the white and red dots/dashes in the manual but cant find any? Can someone please explain? Also, I'd love to know where the info for the alarms (triangle with exclamation mark) are. I got one on my last dive, nothing happened out of the ordinary, followed procedure, so the alarm is a mystery. If I don't know what I did, I cant correct it.

  20. Mo S says

    I bought this computer. I went on my first dive and I went about 50ft. I noticed the entire time the computer did not show a NDL timer. It just said "no deco". Everything else such as the depth, temp, Max depth, and dive time showed. The ascend bars work as well. I was just expecting the computer to show me a NDL timer but didn't get any

  21. Anthony Lock says

    What the difference between this and the D4i Novo?

  22. Jomzai says

    Do you feel if you get the black version you could use it also in daily use as a normal watch?

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