Scuba Tech Tips: Servicing Your SPG – S06E14

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Divers have asked what is involved in servicing a Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG)? Alec shows the steps to remove and clean an SPG with a swivel pin.

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Rating: 4.95

  1. Jeroen Elout says

    Thank you Alec, I shared your video in our group: DIVING HACKS
    a group for divers of all kind where we can share tips, experiences and questions on how to make and fix our own equipment.

    Alec, I hope you will join.

  2. Li-Ann Tan says

    Hi Alec, really enjoyed your videos. I have a question on SPG's flat plastic cover. Once this plastic cover turns white, is it possible to change the cover. The SPG is working fine but problem is that i can't read the gauge (obviously!). Looking forward to your advice

  3. CharlieP says

    Good advice. If you dive in salt water – even if you rinse the gauge thoroughly – that swivel pin can become so corroded that it cannot be removed. That may require the replacement of the hose – or the gauge – or both. Unfortunately I did not learn this from a book or a video.

  4. John Jones says

    Hello Alec. Thanks for the videos. I have a question about my SPG, it's about 2 years old, and on my last dive trip when I purged the air before removing my first stage from the tank, I noticed it doesn't zero out. it's reading about 200 PSI above 0, and it's stuck like that. Is my SPG garbage now, or can it be fixed to read correctly again? I ask this because in this video you mention that you can't take apart the SPG dial, only the swivel pin.

  5. Alain Dumesny says

    Q: o-rings. I assume the regular hardware store ones are ok for all LP hoses/connections ? what about HP parts ? I got some 003 ProDive for the swivel (so they should be right type) but used some hardware store one as well (sunnto cobra quick connect) which still leaks a tiny bit (a bubble every 30sec, instead of continuous). Looking at Triden catalog (page 3) I see rubber, viton and EPDM – please explain – frustrating part about DYI is having the right o-ring and there are no sizing info to be found, so you have to match at the hardware store, but how to match dive catalog ?
    (Trident R003 is I assume the 003 AS-568 bag I got for swivel, rest is hard to figure…)

  6. Alain Dumesny says

    after this came out I went online (ebay) and bought a 10 003 o-rings dive pack (recalled seeing the LDS just swap them out) as swivels are harder to find (correct length, shape) and tube seems easy to clean. After waiting 2 years/80+ dives to clean mine, I realize I need to clean that more often (was very hard to pull old one and quite corroded).
    Why not mention using vinegar+q-tip to clean corrosion rather than steel wool (scratch) ?
    $1 parts and 10-15min vs $20-30 at the shop – not sure about $50 you mention.

  7. trombonista92 says

    is the swivel really necessary? it looks like its not worth the hassle, just use rigid connection .

  8. Karl Marx says

    Cool, thanks. A story for you: the first time I changed SPG myself I did not realise there was the swivel pin; (plus not knowing of its existence I've thrown it out with the plastic bag it was sold in), and then could not figure out, why the "swivel" became hard and why SPG started to leak air badly. Thanks again, very cool videos.

  9. Rusty Samblack says

    Thank you! Was wondering how to remove rubber boot!

  10. ed Straker says

    Thanks Alec. I always learn somthing new on your channel. Cheers.

  11. Adam Arciszewski says

    Hi Alex, thanks for great video. Greetengs from Iceland.

  12. PagesOfLife says

    Hi Alex, always enjoy your video but I would love if u can give your comments about dive computer algorithm and how each manufacturer is different?

  13. Schumann Tong says

    Alec, I've always been told by my scuba instructors to ensure the weights on our BCDs/Backplate System are ditchable…
    But i don't see any situation where we need to ever dump our weights…
    wouldn't we go into an uncontrolled ascent if we ditch our weights?
    What are your thoughts?? 🙂

  14. David S says

    Haven't heard from Alec for a while. His eBay listings are empty. Should he have taken his Shark Dart with him?

  15. Alain Dumesny says

    Nice one. I could have used this last year with a leaking HP hose/Computer connection, but now I know. shop didn't charge much like $10 do replace O rings on 2 sets, so no biggie.
    But that 'high tech' cleaning device isn't link free – not worried about leaving a fiber in there ? take care and enjoy S Africa – you gonna take that shark stick with CO2 cartridge down there ? 🙂 might need it…

  16. efekete99 says

    Great video Alec! Can you address the issue of the whistleing scubapro mk25?

  17. Andre N says

    Great video

  18. Hyperbarico says

    Great video, keep them comming greetings from Germany

  19. Miguel Gerov says

    Alec, I have one of those OCEANIC single button dive computers (I Know it is about 20 years old) and wonder if I need to bother to replace the o-ring on the push button at all? Still working like a charm, and I put SILICONE lubricant at the push button like once month after a good rinse. How easy is to access that o ring? Dive shop bother to replace them, or is a factory repair item?
    Nice video again. Thanks

  20. troop1026 says

    Great video Alec. How was Africa? Montana Mike.

  21. iVlogBuzz says

    Great video Alec, I'm wondering how often you would put a new pin in the SPG and would that be something the dive store would have done when my regs were serviced?

  22. Philippe Iskander says

    Hello Alec,
    Very informative video, please keep them coming.
    I was wondering if you can do a video on servicing the whole regulator?

  23. JD says

    Thanks again Alec, always love your videos.

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