1. Jason Torres says

    Hi guys! Can you please tell me how to clean a brand new scuba mask?
    Should I use toothpaste or matches (lighter)??

  2. Rudolph Furtado says

    Thanks for this excellent video in purchasing a Snorkel Mask.

  3. scott brady says

    i wear glasses and was wondering why hasn't anybody made a piece of rubber that go's completely around the arm of the glasses and under the goggles, making a watertight seal. Sell a set of two for a couple of dollars. I went online to buy some and found out that nobody has thought of this, it can't be that hard to make

  4. Reuben Jensen says

    Exactly the info I needed, thank you

  5. mathieu p says

    What kind of shaving cream you use for shaving the mask? 🙂
    Excellent video!!!

  6. Peter Schaefer says

    Wow, great vid! Keep up the good work!

  7. Ryan says

    Perfect video . Just what i was looking for

  8. Ikes comments says

    Thank you. One of the best presentations.

  9. kim jeremiah says

    Thank you for this EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE video! You prevented me from buying cheap and possibly awful Snorkel Sets as Xmas gifts. Which in turn could have ruined our Xmas trip to Hawaii, as ALL of us were looking forward to many hours of snorkeling. We all went to a local Dive Shop in Seattle to get fitted for masks.

  10. Shooting MOA says

    what mask you recommend for people who have a large nose? Cheers

  11. Lynn Marie catalano says


  12. Joe DiMartino says

    Excellent video, very informative.

  13. Gary Loh says

    Simple, informative and easy to understand. Tqvm

  14. Mark Nope says

    Thank you very much ! Many tips taken from this for sure. I appreciate it.

  15. Rana Shaltout says

    thank you so much for this <3 best video really helped me understand a lot

  16. Shihab Izzat says

    Well Explained , just a tip i need to know how should the mask covers properly around the nose !

  17. Tenebris oculi says

    How do you pick the right mask? Simple enough. Just don't! Use goggles to dive.

  18. Tony L says

    Great explanation. Thank you!

  19. Jay Remi says

    Awesome. Very informative and useful. Thank you very much.

  20. jordan azraei says

    5280 Scuba hello. How about buying a mask online that is not full face? My fiance and I are going to Hawaii for our Honeymoon in a couple of weeks and would really like the right set of snorkeling gear? We can only buy online?

  21. SlothyUK says

    Super informative. Cheers

  22. Katharine Spark says

    Wow!!! How incredibly helpful. And you have a nice presence on camera ~

  23. Roberto Salinas says

    Great video… what about buying snorkeling masks online? Do you think is a good idea? I live out of US, so my refund´s option I think is null :/

  24. Aaron Grootjes says

    ive always used the aqua lung look but recently switched to oms tattoo

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