Too DadBod for Wetsuit – Turps, Sjin & Duncan Go Scuba Diving

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How long can you hold your breath? Likely longer than me, but when it comes to scuba diving, you shouldn’t hold your breath due to the pressures that are compressing your lungs and airways…spooky.

We went scuba diving last week, in part to tell you guys about a way to support WDC. The sale has ended but you can still support Whales and Dolphins around the globe here:

Anywho, last week, Duncan, Sjin and I headed out to learn to scuba dive (Lewis wasn’t well enough to join sadly but he knows he missed out!) We were expertly trained by the fantastic Greg Parker of who made us feel safe and empowered at all times. We really had a blast and can’t wait to go again! Big thanks to Colette who filmed all of the underwater sections on her magical underwater camera!

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Rating: 4.97

  1. PenGwen says

    I only watched this to see Sjin in a wetsuit

  2. firefist x says

    Yay in my country again nice hat sjin

  3. firefist x says

    Lol how did I miss this video it looks funny with the amped up sims music while scuba diving in 1 metre of water. Love it

  4. Wolfencreek says

    3 men in skintight bodysuits grunting at each other. This is why I subscribed.

  5. Travis Himebaugh says

    I was expecting the Yogscast swimsuit calendar to be different.

  6. Rustproof Gore says

    Sjin … for fuck sake, shave your head already man!

  7. Elliott Swain says

    come dive at stony cove with me youll love it

  8. CaptainPasta says

    I swear Turps just keeps getting younger. I don't understand!

  9. Ross Murray says


  10. Adam Sambrook says

    I know that swimming pool !

  11. Evie Lanigan says

    Duncan looks like Ron weasely but with long hair.

  12. Sailtier soup. says

    sjin… is bald! °•°. Someone post a picture with hair photoshopped on

  13. Orlando Morris-Johnson says

    the not fitting 'wetsuit' is actually a semi-dry god dammit

  14. snag710 says

    Man Pal's beard is looking fucking majestic

  15. Tommy Brady says

    I thought they were british, is duncan american and just moved to britain? He said inches

  16. Snok McBleach says


  17. BaTycoon says

    lol Sjin hit himself in the balls.

  18. Dexoy Ribose says

    sjin looks like captin price

  19. Saurmaul says

    "Lube Me"

  20. cooper edey says

    9:40 close your eyes and listen

  21. Jayc K says

    I hate underwater levels

  22. Spicy_Penguin 22 says

    I'm actually doing a scuba diving course atm as well. The sea is a lot different to the pool. Skills wise they are the same. Mentally they arent

  23. Kayowess says

    Turp' hair

  24. Aaron Claydon says

    what you needed for getting in your wetsuit was a plastic bag boi

  25. gojonnygogogo says

    2 minutes of swimming pool action, 2 minutes of seeing sjin get hit in the balls, 8 minutes of watching turps struggle to get into a wetsuit, 3 minutes of actual diving. Quality content.

  26. blastaknight says

    Ty you all for the wonderful sight

  27. Ciaran O'Callaghan says

    I dive at Vobster too, great site.

  28. Torrel1 says

    When did Sjin loose all his hair!?

  29. DRACO says

    Duncan looks like that scrawny fella, the actor from Bristol.

  30. Alex Hawksey says

    Omg, Duncan has lost so much weight. I'm so happy for him.

  31. Nathaniel Watson says

    Holy shit duncan really has lost a lot of weight thats incredible

  32. AppleAirsoft says

    Sjin Jobs

  33. Im Going To Say The N-Word says

    Remember the times when sjin had hair

  34. Billy Green says

    Half the video is replays of getting hit in the balls

  35. Slipppy says

    Hey Sjinsauce…. Paul here

  36. FrenkHenk says

    Come on Sjin just go bald! You will look like a badass with the beard and stache!

  37. Joshua Larsen says

    Sjin looks like the Lorax

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