1. steven wieber says

    where is the sound

  2. Dan Vallentyne says

    3:49 if you already know you want to buy a tank

  3. POINQUARE 61 says

    Nice video ,J'ai acheté une bouteille de 12 litres en acier .

  4. caetano coutinho says

    what ibestfor spear fihing

  5. Eng. Osama El sawaf says

    Hello dear..
    I would like to ask you for me as a beginner and don't want to carry heavy tank, what do you advise me to buy?
    *If you send it to me here in Egypt – Cairo, what it will cost me?
    Thanks for your help..

  6. Scuba Diving Zero says

    Good information, but the silly head turning is distracting.

  7. Joseph Atnip says

    My word of advice on buying your first tank don't you have to go to a dive shop and get your tank filled anyway a lot of times they charge anywhere from 5 to $10 to fill your tank or you can just rent one of their tanks for like 15 bucks and then you don't got to worry about it and being certified and your annual inspections because honestly what happens is you buy an aluminum 80 and you use it a few times and then you decide oh I want to start doing two Dives when I go out so now you have to rent a tank Plus have yours filled and then a year goes by they want 35 bucks to inspect the stupid thing so you do that and then the second year goes by and you're like f*** it and just rent two tanks when you go out and then the tank you purchased just sits in your basement I've got one I've actually got three sitting in my basement for like the last 15 years

  8. Storm Strike says

    Wtf are you looking at

  9. De Hunter says

    Can we use china carbon fiber tank for diving ??

  10. MethHeadRedNeck says

    Every driver should have a glock on them When diving beacuse what if a shark atacks them

  11. Iced_Mocha_1 says

    Oh my god can this guy stop switching sides and looking up before he speaks each and every time this made me so angry

  12. Chris James says

    That plane at the end looks like it's at Gilboa Quarry in OH. Fun dive quarry.

  13. Marc Mcclinchy says

    What is a good brand of starter equipment?

  14. Joan Acevedo Mirabal says

    The way this guy looks to & away from the camera makes me laugh. This guy is a savage. c:

  15. Jason Smith says

    steel vs. aluminum. there should be commentary regarding the weight savings in aluminum. aluminum is preferred for safety reasons – that should be said. catastrophic steel rust at the bottom should be a noted concern. how to remove water from within a steel should be commented on. steel is harder, tougher, but is corrosion prone. higher bar pressures possible in steel.

  16. MUSHROOMKING44 says

    Those head turns tho

  17. African Twin says

    My mistake was buying a too light steel 12 ltr tank. When u want to use ur 12 liter for double with drysuit then that extra heavy 15. kilo 12 liter tank does come in handy. Now i'm stuck with a stupid 12 steel tank of 13.4 kilo instead of 15.3 kilo.

  18. Aniss Tawfik says

    hi plz
    bottle of 12L 200bars still with me underwater how much minutes?

  19. hamelk says

    What the heck does he keep looking at?

  20. Amy Wang says

    Nice video, as manufacturer of cylinders, we know about cylinder itself , but not this application information, very helpful for communication with customers,thanks

  21. Lego/other says

    I may only be 10 but I'm fine with al 80 tank also I'm not certified but I can dive

  22. Jonathan Stewart says

    1:26 Scariest take off ever lol, late rotate followed by near 90 degree ascent. Is that footage from some sort of air trials, or stunt demo take off? If not that pilot should be fired.

  23. Kennen Haynes says

    Seriously though… How ripped is this dude

  24. AjSnipes says

    turns his head so, your going to buy your first scuba tank
    good vid tho

  25. Jimmy Danger Gonzalez says

    Your collar is bothering me so much!!!!! But it's a very good informative video!!

  26. ZDG says


  27. Jason Cook says

    Very helpful and informative video. Buuuuuuuuut what is with the head tilt/look away thing with every statement?

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