1. clarkeysam says

    As Mick says do not breathe from your BCD. I've read that people have died from breathing from a BCD as a fungus that was growing on the inside of their BCD entered their lungs and there was nothing the Drs could do about it.

  2. Mick Friis says

    Hey man , really nice video but PLEASE understand that you may never inhale the air from within your BCD (1:26) Since it has been laying around not able to completely dry out for many times in a row it builds op a lot of bacteria inside. Even if you rinse it with chemicals and clean it regularly it can still contain an extremely high amount of fungi. It should be possible to almost completely emptying out the BC without sucking out air ! …

    I guess you have done it many times and haven't been sick from it, but it shouldnt be taught since it can potentially harm a lot of people.

  3. sNiffelstiC says

    Hey, nice video. Can you tell me which size of the the north face base camp duffel it is? L or XL?

  4. LiveTheMoment says

    How much is that dive bag weight? Is it possible to check in one dive bag and one suitcase?

  5. Dwight Velazquez says

    How do you like your Scubapro Hydros Pro? I am seriously considering in buying the BCD. Any issues with it? Any tips?

  6. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    By the way, thieves can still get into your bag by stabbing a byro in between the zips

  7. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    Are you not worried someone will steal your gear or you lose it?

  8. Deep Adventures says

    yes thats the duffel

  9. Dwight Velazquez says

    Aloha from Hawaii. What size TNF bag are you using to pack your scuba gear? Thank you for your video and tips.

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