Scuba Tech Tips: It's All In The Bag – S02E06

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Dive bags can be a challenge with today’s lower airline weight limits. Alec travels extensively on scuba trips and shares his tips on how to pack a dive bag for minimum weight.

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Rating: 4.94

  1. Stuart Colcleugh says

    Are those your regs Alec? If so, what are they? If not, what are you using? Just curious. Great video as usual.

  2. Pricediver says

    What model is that dive bag ?

  3. Thomas Mulcahy says

    Note new rules, no lithium ion batteries in checked-in luggage, so take lamp in hand luggage.

  4. John Peacock says

    Alec, Just another suggestion for regulator padding would be instead of a towel which you'll have plenty of where you're traveling just wrap your wetsuit around the regulator and it'll offer plenty of padding! Also a suggestion for the mesh boat bag would be a mesh laundry bag which costs about $5 instead of the $30-$50 of dive mesh bags!

  5. WolfGaming FX says

    Hey Alec so this comment is very late but I'd like to know what type of bag is best since I live in Jordan and I have to travel other places to dive just wanted to know your opinion since I'm still waiting to receive my certificate so I need some advice please…


    Much appreciated


  6. artoftheflatlands says

    you pack like my dad. no space goes unused. love it

  7. Missy says

    Hi there. What kind of computer do you have in this video ?

  8. Colin Richard says

    Dont get me wrong I loved the video, but I have never understood this problem. I can pack my steel backplate and wing with a steel single tank adapter and steel tank bands, fins, booties, spare mask, wet/dry suit, and all the other little things in a normal bag at ~21kilos. I carry on my primary mask, both computers, and my regs in case my bag gets delayed and it all goes Into my normal ogio roller bag.

  9. Mel Bong says

    hey Alec! apologies if this comment came in too late! =) but i have a question (i think it's a question) – do u ever get your dive bag wrapped at the airports before checking it in? Since i've got a similar roll bag where the top and front is soft/flexible. Would like to know of your thoughts.

    The reason i'm asking on this is because i'll be travelling via flight and just would like to be extra cautious on how i may avoid any accidental dive gear/bag problem.

  10. Maxim Gurkin says

    Hi Alec, thanks a lot for your awesome channel, one of my favourite on youtube. I have a question regarding your regulator configuration. As I can see you replaced your SPG with transmitter. Is it safe to completely remove SPG and rely only on transmitter? When I was looking for my dive gear I was highly recommended to have both transmitter and SPG so that in case or problems with computer/transmitter I still be able to dive. What do you think about such risks?

  11. Diana Stack says

    You’re brilliant! I’m loving your channel so much.

  12. Luke Hansford says

    Hello Alec. Would you be able to tell me the model of the regulator you use and does it come with the flex hoses?. If you use another one since this video could you possibly list both. I'm from the UK and new to learning about Scuba and would like to see if that regulator is available here. Also do you have the make of the BC.

    Have you done a video of your entire kit you use personally? Thankyou , Luke

  13. Ziad J. Khalaf says

    my god. within the first 40 seconds i subscribed! youre pretty awesome!

  14. diver dave says

    …mmm I have never ever packed a towel for a trip and I don't take a towel on a dive boat .
    the best way to save a lot of money – is to just ware your all of your gear to board the plane and take the bag to pack it for the flight ! ( be careful walking with your fins on and the double tanks on your back )
    P.S. where's your dive knife ?

  15. Prime Time Gaming says

    You need to be careful about using those flex hoses. Our dive instructors flex hose failed. The inside of the actual hose started eroding and he couldn't breathe through it. Luckily he was smart and grabbed his safe second and it was fine. He showed us the hose and a bunch of crap was coming out of it. He cleaned every time he dived too.

  16. Kevin S. says

    Great advice, thank you Alec! Please keep sharing your experience and wisdom with the diving community.

  17. Laurence Kodansky says

    Best scuba tips channel in the whole world! Thanks a lot Alec! Hugs from the land of rising sun!

  18. Bill Scurry says

    Alternatively, I recommend carrying your reg and mask on the plane, keeping it out of checked luggage. I paid the price for this once with a lost dive bag in St. Maarten, when I could've halved my woes.

  19. John Moore says

    I work on a cruise ship in the Caribbean and am normally on the ship for 4-5 months at a time. So I have to bring everything I need for that time with me. So I don't have much space for scuba gear. I have space for mask, snorkel, fins, and regs. The question I have is, do I need a bcd? And if so, what is the smallest/ most pack able one you know of? Or do you have any other suggestions?

  20. MART duiker says

    Marten Koorndijk Hello i want to ask i watch much videos from you and one i like most bagage youre scuba gear you packed youre gear good it was good tip for me but where do i leaf my weightbelt and maybe also my bottle?

  21. Peter Cornell says

    I really like this tip. Please consider a tip for shore diving, on how best to move and arrange our gear from the car to the shore to the sea, with the least amount of effort. I find I'm sometimes worn out by the time I have my wet suit on.
    Cheers, Pete

  22. Alain Dumesny says

    wonder what you think about BCD that turn into backpack, like Oceanic Jetpack, avoiding checked luggages alltogether! (fees and chance to get lost). Only things is it doesn't look like you have many options on fins that would fit that length…

  23. Lynn Costenaro says

    and here's another fun one–easily all in one bag less than 50 lbs

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