APEKS WSX 25 Sidemount Harness Assembly

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Mark demonstrates how to assemble the APEKS WSX 25 Sidemount Harness.

The Apeks WSX-25 Sidemount Harness is a one-size-fits-all sidemount rig with a low profile wrap-around bladder with a customisable 2″ webbing harness. The whole rig is modular, made from high grade materials and has a very minimalist design.

Rating: 4.37

  1. Lon Ling Tam says

    does it come with tank strap?

  2. Oliver Ohlendorf says

    The direction of the screws shown in the video is wrong. You would not want to have those binder bolts toward your back! The Apeks user manual also clearly says: "When assembling the screws through either plate, the screw head should face the back of the user and the flat side of the washer should be positioned against the binder bolt head". You should check if the plastic washer is necessary at all because it could break easily.

  3. Daniel Severs says

    Great demo, for the heat shrink use a hair dryer or heat gun though.

  4. Susan Leong says

    Omg one size fits all yeah BUT I am so short that weight system makes it too long for me the whole harness 🙁 So I had to take it away. But I never had weights on my pas 3 SM sets anyways (few kilos on belt only). But nice work on this demo. Just… I would other short (155cm) back persons to know that weight system is not worth all that work 🙂

  5. Tim Blömeke says

    Excellent demo, thank you. And I totally want that BC…

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