Scuba Tech Tips: Divers Log Books – How to Choose and Use – S05E01

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Dive log books are an important record of memories, buddies, technical details and proof of dive experience. Alec explains why most divers need a log book, types of books and how to store them.

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  1. achilles6312 says

    Do you do video requests?

  2. Michael Werle says

    Hmm, funny coincidence, I'm just having a discussion in an online forum about "paper log books, yes or no"… I'm struggling to convince people that a verifiable record on paper is still a good idea compared to just keeping electronic logs.

    Good to hear your views, but would like to hear your thoughts on proper electronic logs, that is. not just kept in a dive computer, but in a software package or an online site such as, which can keep all the information about the same information about a dive as a paper log except the signatures and stamp.

  3. pampigwo says

    I love all your videos. Big Thumbs up Alec.
    I've only logged my first 5 dives on paper after my OW Certification. The first piece of SCUBA gear I purchase was a Dive Computer. In my e-logs I put every detail and info that you mentioned. Probably more then I could put on a paper log. I also use three different e-logs that sync to each other. I can add pictures or videos of my dives in each log. Lastly, I make sure backup my all e-logs and I print all my dive at the end of each year and file them away.
    Actually, the PADI Scubaearth log is pretty good, basic and does pretty much all of what you talked about.
    The only thing I don't have is buddy signatures.

  4. Beep Boop says

    Do you have an online store? Thanks.

  5. adam elmahdali says

    I have two ways of logging my dives i use a really simple printed papers that i found online just to show them to resorts and such . And for my personal logging i use an app on my phone with a gps location dive buddies pictures you can transfer from your dive computer .

  6. Hatem Dawood says

    I think I might place a voice over in Arabic to your videos so that arab divers learn this lot of infooo

  7. Денис Дикуша says

    You can use a good ready-made solution

  8. Yuriy D says

    If you need a simple and fast way to write on waterproof or semi-water proof paper, get a pen from Rite in the Rain—used their pens and books for years in the service. They don't work the same way traditional pens work but they're designed to write specifically on that type of paper (the paper is sealed and the 'ink' is designed to stay on after water exposure).

  9. John Lemon says

    I've never been a fan of logging dives. I pretty much just write down the same information that is in my computer, except I also put the location and dive site. I put my buddy as well. But I never bother having someone sign them. I also don't like the way padi wants you to log dives. They want you to put all the information related to dive tables. That shouldn't be in a log, since the next day that information isn't needed anymore.

  10. DeSacred says

    Fantastic and charming speaker! Welcome to dive in Sweden sometimes.

  11. Jason Pollard says

    Anyone use electronic dive logs?

  12. Lulu La Nantaise says

    Hi Alec, What s your view on Padi vs SSi or other agencies? tks!

  13. Steve Snider says

    Do you ever plan group dives and or would you ever plan a dive with YouTube fans

  14. Johan Ström says

    Another great video, thank you!
    I recently started using a digital dive log – In my case it's the Dive Log on iOS, with support for direct transfer, ability to add text and pictures, AND the ability for abuddies to sign my logs.
    If it's the optimal solution? I don't know. I would really like you to dig down in the area and spread some light into it.

    Have a nice weekend!


  15. Ignacio A says

    Alec, thank you for the video. Your Tech Tips always resonate with me. I became certified 30+ years ago. The first couple of years, I was diligent about logging my dives. Then I stopped. It wasn't until about 10 years ago when I started logging them again. I do regret that gap in my logs, mainly due to the memories of the dives which logs bring back.

  16. Ryan Blainey says

    I've been shopping for a drysuit for a couple of weeks, I would like something with replaceable neck and wrist seals,could you do an episode on different types of drysuits. Thanks

  17. JCA ELITE SCUBA says

    Great job! I cover all those things in the open water class I teach and add one more reason…

    To evaluate a potential dive buddy! Everyone has been on a dive that they needed a buddy and had to be assigned one. Don't taken for granted that this guy or gal says they have 10,000 dives under their belt!

    No logbook, no dive buddy! Same goes for looking for an instructor. If your instructor won't show you his or her logbook, find another. Yes, that means you should meet your instructor before signing up. The person that is going to keep you alive during training is not a flip of a coin.

    If anyone says they don't log anymore, especially professionals, just don't dive with them. If someone doesn't have 60 seconds to log a dive, they don't have 10 seconds to practice skills that will one day save someone's life.

    p.s. if no one in the boat has a completed logbook, as the captain of the boat to dive with you!

  18. Dwight says

    Do you guys know of any scuba diving speakers or MP3 players? I love scuba diving and think it would be awesome if I could scuba dive while listening to my favorite tunes. If you guys have and suggestions that would be awesome.

  19. chillinkansai says

    Great video as always Alec!
    I'll throw this question out to the community here (and of course Alec can chime in as well 😀 ) What about computerized logbooks? Are people using those and paper logs as well?
    I'm using one I can sync with my computer and iPad, there is a place for signatures and info about the dive so it seems like all the info is there. But, the main drawback I am finding is that I can't get (or don't know how) to get buddies signatures before the divebook is updated. (Dive computer ->program ->app ->Signature)
    What are people using? or is there a way to reconcile this that I don't know? Or are people using dual books (paper and electronic)?

  20. troop1026 says

    I thought you retired from running the Dive shop back around Christmas. I have my log all the back to 1993. Wow way back. Lol. Keep up the great work. Thanks Alec. Montana Mike.

  21. great vid . thx. also some great log books with binders and everithing that you might what on this subject is on I have one like this, paper is of exceptional quality , and the greatest thing is that you can create your own page design and have it.

  22. iVlogBuzz says

    Happy New Year Alec, keep up these great videos, thanks to Kevin too.

  23. divelogz says

    Thanks Alec. Great piece about Log Books.

  24. Jonny Bravo says

    Happy 5th season, Mr. Peirce!

    I'm one of those divers who has lost a number of dive log books. Through different life experiences (moves, divorces, whatever) the dive logs end up somewhere in the aether :).

    That's why I recommend using some technology to log dives. For example, PADI provides ScubaEarth. There are a whole host of apps for your phone (for example, Dive Log) and for your desktop (for example, Mac Dive). I now use the tech solutions exclusively. The Dive Log app integrates with data from a number of computers, so you can see your exact profile for the dive. It has GPS integration so you know exactly where that dive took place. On ScubaEarth, you can add photos and video of your dive to your log entry as well. Also, just like your "filing cabinet", these apps can track not only your certification cards, but also your gear.

    Oh, and it's a relatively cheap solution as well. ScubaEarth doesn't cost anything. The Dive Log app costs about $13 USD. The desktop app costs about $25 USD.

    Anyway, just thought I'd put some tech in your tech tips 🙂

  25. Omaha Bojan says

    Love your videos!!!

  26. Bearpilot says

    Happy 2017 to all of you ladies and gentlemen Safe and happy diving!

  27. MadDog Smith Adventures says

    SECOND! Good ideas, thanks and many more please.

  28. schizer says

    FIRST!!! Love your videos Mr. Peirce!!

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