1. FinnSnow says

    Hope you guys liked these series as much as we enjoyed getting certified. I took a few day brake after 6 weeks of none stop travel and filming + TV. Next up will be behind the scenes raw vlogs sort of speak filming with ABS-CBN. Peace

  2. dive shallow says

    Finn will be in cebu to start a month of diving October 1. You in?

  3. dive shallow says

    Fancy nudibranch is the animal

  4. Greg Kiser says

    Awesome vid!!!

  5. stephensylvester2006 says

    Getting my advanced diver certification in the Spring! Can't wait

  6. Kenneth Wimmers says

    "Our videos" she said .
    Getting serious Finn

  7. Bobby Burns says

    Aloha this looks interesting. What were the cost for the course?
    Can you link me up with the shop?
    Thank you.

  8. iam XERJEON says

    @FinnSnow. . What's the title of the first background music. Love it while watching your vlogs. It makes your vlog enjoyable and entertaining to watch. Please response.

  9. Shadow blade says

    Awesome …incridible much love…

  10. Austin L Asprec says

    a type of sea slug. nice videos and soundtracks bud. more power!

  11. Trenton R says

    Love is in the air…

  12. j galang says

    Comgrats! PADI search and rescue certification will be next! =)

  13. Josefa Divino says

    Loved it. Finn your much happier when Sherlyn is around. Love iiiiit! Just gorgeous.

  14. Dennis Guevarra says

    Anilao, the default check-out dive site for Open Water Diver certification of Metro Manila residents

  15. Fra Kye says


  16. Ray Roxas says

    great species

  17. Ray Roxas says

    super nice!!!

  18. fletchmoose says

    i am thinking that sea slug/ nudibranch species is Nembrotha chamberlaini, though i am not entirely certain on that,, but thats the only one i can think of with that coloring

  19. robert hawkins says

    great video..Finn

  20. Jocelyn Rubin says

    Kudos! This is the best of the Batangas dives videos with lots of fun and very colourful. Couldn't help but smile and laugh along with you all during the dive and test questions. The instructors seem really nice too. The sealife is really beautiful and some of the the corals are so big and healthy. That little creature is a seaslug.

  21. Harry Quijano says

    5:15. I guess thats a sea slug?

  22. Sam Was Here says

    I feel your pain! I was burned worse than that in Coron, the next day was EXCRUTIATING! It was like a combination of a million fire ants were biting my back, and being whipped by stinging nettles… it's hard to describe but NOTHING soothed the pain apart from time. It lasted two days, I couldn't even sleep.

    I'll never make the mistake of not wearing sunscreen again! It was only an hour or so in the sun and it ruined me! You're probably just as pale as I am lol!

    Beautiful shots btw!

  23. Jachinoy15 says

    Wow! I never knew batangas for diving is awesome 🙂

  24. Divert Living says

    Great place to take your advanced class! Heal up and stay out of the sun for a day or two! I see the editing cave helping you in this one haha!

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