Scuba Diving Backplate Guide

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As part of your modular technical diving rig the backplate creates the stability for the entire set up. Backplates are good for single and twin setups with all the mounting points for a range of webbing harnesses, wings and bolts.

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Rating: 4.83

  1. SNØW says

    Great Video! Love this channel! Keep up the gud work!

  2. Mario Ara says

    Love the work Simply Scuba! Listen to all your videos for a lot of my information.
    One thing I would love you to cover are the following:
    – What constitutes technical diving?
    – When/why use a twin set?
    – What is required for twin set diving?
    What do you think?! 😀

  3. Nathan Raines says

    Great video. Thanks for explaining

  4. Aleks Dogush says

    Hi can I use Hollis sms 75 with a single cylinder on the back? If so do I need to buy a back plate or I can use original/flexi back plate?

  5. Patrick Fealy says

    I have an xt lite backplate and I put a scubapro wing on it?

  6. Slick85 says

    You didn't mention Kydex/Delrin (plastic) backplates, light 3mm to heavy 10mm with the same rigidity of aluminum/steel but you don't have to worry about scratches and bumps, and most of all the potential to rust where you have scratches or metal on metal contact.

  7. Kimon Froussios says

    Skeleton aluminum for my single. As light as soft plates, without the flimsiness.

    I do have a question though. What is the second set of tankstrap-like slots that some plates have (like the one in the example of the vid)? Does anyone individually strap twins directly on the plate?

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