Storing Your Gear When You Are Not Diving

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Storing Your Gear When You Are Not Diving

We get asked a lot about how should one store their dive gear if they will not be diving for a length of time. Providing the diver has room, hanging you gear up using the proper hangers is the best way to protect your investment you have made in your dive gear.

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  1. diver dave says

    BIG THUMBS DOWN….. you made no mention of washing and cleaning the gear !

  2. Felipe C H Bertin says

    After being dried the bcd should be stored on a hanger or it may be stored on a shelf or similar? I usually dive once a month or every couple of months, so it stays stored for a month after being completely dry.
    Thanks again for the great tips and tutorials!

  3. saladdogger says

    Good useful video and a stunningly handsome presenter.

  4. Honolulu City News says

    I started diving in January of 2013 and took the month of February off because I was focusing on my EMT classes. I attained MSD with 10 specialties and 100 dives instead of 5 specialties and 50 dives by the end of March (I forgot to send in the application for MSD). I was diving as often as I possibly could because I was using SCUBA diving as a way for me to get over my claustrophobia.

    In September of that year, I had a heart attack and had to stop diving so I moved all of my dive equipment to an environment controlled storage unit and hung everything up.

    My doctor is finally releasing me to dive again but I'm not sure what I should do about my equipment. Should I have everything serviced even though it was only used for about 6 months? Will I need to replace anything after it sitting in storage for so long?

    With me being out of diving for so long, what would you recommend for me to get back to diving again?

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