New Year New Gear – 2019

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New Year New Gear – 2019
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Happy new year everybody 🎉🎉🎉 In this episode of New In Mark talks about all the new and exciting gadgets to hit our website in January of 2019.


Compact Pro Reg

Calibro Mask

Gulper Bottle

Single Backmount Set

D570 Lazer Torch

D560 Lazer Light

Neon Dive Comp

K2 Light Top

Thor 🔨 Fins

Surface Pressure Gauge

Mera Camera/Torch

Presenter(s): Mark Newman
Writer(s): Mark Newman
Editor(s): Shaun Johnson

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Rating: 4.70

  1. Matt Blomer says

    Hey, is the K2 light (or any of the K2 series) fleece lined? I have a scubapro rashy a while back that was amazing and had a little layer of fleece.

  2. DavidV328 says

    Bringing a green laserpointer under water sounds like a very stupid plan to me. Blindingly obvious. To all creatures.

  3. Brendon Taylor says

    Hi, new to diving and love your channel… wondering if you can do a “save a dive kit video”

  4. Gemma Barajas says

    This will give me ideas for my costume thanks again
    P.S I I'll be sylvia Earle

  5. Jessica Tracey says

    Employer: hey, here's your paycheck 🙂
    Me: hey simply scuba, here's my order 🙂

  6. Travel With Mansoureh says

    I have only mask and housing for my cameras for scuba diving. I rent the rest of gears 🙂

  7. Heba Khaled says

    the link of the Mera Camera/Torch is not working , would you please help with that ?!

  8. Kimon Froussios says

    Dammit, Mares is bringing out all the cool plate colours now that I already have both my steel and aluminum plates… Especially that red one from last year…
    The new Cressi mask is cool too, but again too late.
    And the Cressi Thor would have been a cool option if they were available when I decided to replace my dumb-shaped FrogPlus some months ago.
    The Tovatec seems super cool idea. Need to know if it is any good in dark murky water. Totally wouldn't mind skipping carrying a separate camera, even compacts are bulky once cases and trays are involved.

  9. Hendy Saputra says

    I am moving to backplate bcd, what is your recommendation for me to buy? budget isn't really a problem, but I am not really using it for tech diving and i travels a lot

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