New Dive Gear – March 2019

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New Dive Gear – March 2019
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In this months episode on new in Mark talks about the new Scubapro hybrid cargo short, Cressi calibro mask, Sealife sea dragon 300F and plenty of other products.


Hybrid Cargo Shorts

Sea Dragoon 3000F Light

Frameless Gorilla Mask

Cressi Calibro Mask

Synergy Trufit Mini Mask

New In

Presenter(s): Mark Newman
Writer(s): Mark Newman
Editor(s): Shaun Johnson

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Rating: 4.64

  1. SV methos scuba and sail says

    u really need to do a video on what will happen after the brexit crap happens. i still cant buy anything from u because i am in canada and u wont deliver outside the eu.
    i want to buy stuff so i want a update from u guys. i am not going to do the run around u guys told me to do. a customer should not have to jump through hopes to buy things from u.

  2. Ishmael Castillo says

    i have been interested in a while, but how about doing a video on underwater metal detectors. from the channels i watch it seema to be very popular.

  3. Dude Outdoors says

    So hawt.

  4. Michael Morgan says

    I was interested in the scubapro shorts, I thought it might be a bit cheaper than a cheap shortie wetsuit, I could wear them with one of my rashvests and save some baggage weight and money. But they cost £72! Which is £8 less than the Mares shortie I was planning to buy. £72 for a pair of shorts!

  5. Hellrazor says

    I love new gear videos! It's great to know that my gear is outadated even though i just bought it. …….

  6. joshua smith says

    So scuba pro made a pair of shorts that can be worn superman style. (Over the tights).

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