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Future Of Scuba Diving
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Technological advances in diving equipment have made a giant stride in the last ten to 15 years. Many of the new gadgets on the market are the result of more of us dipping our fins in the world of extended range diving, coupled with extraordinary advances in personal computing devices.

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– Thomas Winship
– Mark Newman
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– Shaun Johnson

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Rating: 3.87

  1. Simply Scuba says

    Have you seen part two yet?? If not why not!? – https://youtu.be/2GlP0fq873w

  2. Princess Anne Laluna says

    Hi guys are you lookingg for some diving spot, check this out https://www.dolphinscuba.com/trips/Best-of-maldives/dsc

  3. Superb Media Content Creator says

    What's that I smell, oh it's the smell of BS…

  4. how2scuba says

    Fun ideas. I saw some super high volume tanks (400cu ft ) at a dive show, but the technology hasn't been picked up.

  5. strange 1 says

    Virtual reality will never recreate real scuba diving ever

  6. Angery Mechanic says

    The vr thing looked silly as hell

  7. And Er says

    Wow Thunderf00t would love the first part of this video

  8. François B. Photos says

    Interesting video

  9. Jeffrey Bohémier says

    Why would I possibly NOT WANT TO GO SCUBA DIVING??? Virtual Reality can’t possibly replace the real thing. First, the contraption that’s supposed to hold you in a proper diving position can’t possibly make you weightless like real diving does. There’s going to be pressure points at every spot where that contraption holds you in position. You don’t get “held up” when diving, because our bodies are made of mostly the same stuff that surrounds us. And as a gear hound, I thoroughly enjoy putting on my drysuit. I also enjoy putting on my highly customized diving gear and hooking hoses to both my suit and my full face mask. It’s the closest I can become to being an Astronaut without having to worry about the rocket below my ass exploding uncontrollably. There’s no other activity I can possibly do that requires as much or more high tech gear as scuba diving does. I enjoy maintaining it, I enjoy donning it, and I enjoy using it to enter an environment that our bodies just weren’t meant to be in. But…I DON’T enjoy doffing it. That’s because that means my dive is now over, and it’s time to become just another one of 7 billion other humans going about daily business.

  10. Tiger H. Lore says

    I want an underwater gang of drones that follows me around, alerts me of potential danger, and helps me find cool stuff. Is that so much to ask for?!

  11. Arnold Stollar says

    Rebreathers failto function proper ly, when the gas ‘scrubber’ chemical get old or wet.Then the. Div er rebreathers old air,that has not been filtered to remove the carbon dioxide.He can experience anoxia, a Nd carbon dioxide toxicity , and lose consciousness, under water. His diving buddy or tender should bring such a diver/ swimmer to the surface. Remove the rebreather, and administer fresh air, or oxygen on a beach or boat. A hospital visit can folllow.

  12. Borderlands808 says

    A haych hd camera? You mean HD? Lol

  13. Carlo Kop says

    What's the fun in diving in your living room with VR.

  14. Gypsyjan55 says

    I still prefer a real reality over the virtual. Not really interested n scuba diving from the comfort of my living room. Maybe my Daddy but not me. I prefer the adventure & I prefer 2 actually get wet. Thank you.

  15. E vazkee says

    Fukn bloke

  16. eric hernandez says

    How is this possible? How can it filter salt out of it? Isn’t an air molecule bigger then a water molecule? How would the filters be able to capture a bigger molecule and not allow the smaller molecule to pass through? Sorry but I like Science and engineering but this doesn’t sound possible since there are many different variables.

  17. Terminal Cancer says

    What about oxygen toxicity, can it also add nitrogen or are you breathing 100% oxygen

  18. Dane Peterson says

    Load of bs re the helmut oxygen rebreather as well as the 'salt' that take oxygen from the water. You would need to process approximately 192 ltrs a minute to breath

  19. Type your Name says

    Heechdee cameras are a plus in any gear

  20. Bora Bora says

    What is the movie name 1.15 thanks

  21. Diver Dan says

    When holo tech gets that far I won't be underwater I'll be in an oriental pornstar…
    It's not just being underwater it's the whole being on the boat & wearing the gear you chose & modified & setup how you think best that makes it an adventure..there is an elite to find risk & also the actual gold cross I found on the 100 year old wreck that now sits in a museum..get off the computer & live again..
    The helmet is all lovely Intel there is a failure…with scuba you can change mouthpiece & mask very fast underwater…helmets make that a bit more complicated for domestic divers

  22. Michael Ward says

    You must be kidding! This thing has so many flaws it's not even funny! Clearly a scam.
    I'm only going to address one issue, though I can come up with many.
    Problem #1 (volume) how on earth am I going to breath with this thing? You have to have something to breath in and out of. The helmet does not have enough volume.
    I could continue to debunk this video, but it is pointless. I'll wait to see it hit the market, but…..I won't hold my breath. LMAOROTFIT

  23. Ben Michaels says

    in order to have a rebreather you would have to filter the air out of 2 L of water per second to get enough oxygen to sustain consciousness. My faucet in the house can't fill 2 liter bottles in a second.

  24. Dalton Walker says

    I’m pretty sure this is fake

  25. VHS Projekt BLUE says

    the helmet is just dumb re breather need a huge volume of air to capture exhaled breath roughly 5 liter. so yeah good luck with your 5 liter bucket on your head.

  26. TheApo98 says

    Come on guys!! VR scuba diving? This sucks!!. Nothing can replace the whole experience of scuba diving. I understand using vr for racing sims and such but not in scuba diving. I mean it's not that difficult to go scuba diving even if you are not a fan

  27. Guylith 2000 says

    I call the red suit…;)

  28. Sunny Wu says

    Wouldn't you still need a small tank as an emergency backup in case a system fails?

  29. Terry Carter says

    Breathing oxygen, what about oxygen toxicity.

  30. KnuTx says

    1. There is not enough oxygen in water, so you can’t breath ( you would need huge filter)
    2. Breathing breathable water ist like breathing with an elephant standing on your chest

  31. zazugee says

    i'm skeptical about those artificial grills things
    it's mostly about amount of dissolved O2 in water and the exchange rates of membranes
    unless you make some grills that have the same size as human head attached to your helmet
    a small grill won't be enough to catch enough O2
    i remmeber there was an estimate that you need some 1m3 of water each minute to have enough O2 to drive your active underwater swimming mouvements, which isn't reaslitic
    a clue is that most powerfull and big sea creatures are air breathers
    sharks have to move alot underwater to keep breathing.

  32. Adventure Fishing says

    VR is not real, and will never compare to reality

  33. Tempest Rage says

    But surely our lungs aren’t designed to take liquid, oxygen rich or not. The first one look pretty cool though

  34. Patrick Corpuz says

    But how do you equalize?

  35. Poof Splix says

    what if we run out of air water?

  36. Next Level says

    Will the future of scuba diving include masks with a more comfortable nose area?

  37. Mickael Cohen says

    I love the idea of the helmet that extract the oxygen from the water this is genius the idea came from the fish same principle GOD GAVE US THE NATURE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT COULD BE IMPROVED. IS THAT HELMET READY TO BUY ON THE MARKET? AND HOW MUCH TY FOR REPLYING

  38. justiady kalvianto says

    the future of scuba diving is vr? wtf. lol.. that's not scuba diving. i understand about other tech, and it's good. but VR? no no no.. that's the same as watching a movie. it's not scuba diving. it's not the same as being under water, and experiencing the underwater world

  39. Gary Johnson says

    Isn't it strange that scientists claim to understand evolution and adaptation. But even with intent and intelligence, can't evolve or adapt with technology the same as living things. We have wanted to fly and understand flight but we can't. The ocean is still more unknown than space. But humans claim to know how all of this happened, the universe itself erupting from an explosion with no catalyst, into complete chaos that somehow settled down to this exact moment of contemplation about breathing underwater like fish……crazy stuff!!

  40. Lee B says

    Imho gill suits or masks may be the future as in the film DUNE which used movement while wearing the suit to act as a pump which powered the suits body water capture system
    I think a suit or mask that is a form of rebreather using gills to oxygenate may be viable the only real problem is equalisation and compressing gas requires lots of power so a super high capacity micro pump may be required

  41. r a says

    The whole explanation with the ears is total b.s. Maybe this person never used a hardhat???

  42. Rubber Duckie says


  43. Frank Lyons says

    I don't wear a helmet when I ride my motorcycle damned if I wear a helmet when I dive

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