SCUBA Equipment Set-up Demonstration

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SCUBA Equipment Gear Set-up Demonstration

I am a PADI IDC Staff Scuba Instructor. I can certify you in Open Water Diver to Assistant Instructor. Learn to dive or take your diving to the next level.

Follow along as we assemble a basic SCUBA set-up.

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  1. john smith says

    This dude doesn't care one bit about diving. Imho

  2. Adam A says

    Purchased a new regulator set from a Dive Shop, the primary second stage hose came off 30 minutes into a practice session at a local swimming pool… (Hose came off at the base of the 2nd stage) I didn't panic. I simply reached back and turned the air off.. I haven't been in the water in 15 years, but I did notice in this video where the instructor failed to tell the listening audience about to inspect the tank o-ring to be sure it hasn't came out.

  3. Ajesh Kunjumani says


  4. michele palermo says

    This is the best I have found u are fantastic thank you for the refresher

  5. Felix Gütt says

    Great refresher for my first dive in a while on the great barrier reef later today – on point and easy to follow, thanks!

  6. Shawn Sell says

    Helpful, thank you.

  7. jakisdat BOSS says

    I sybbed

  8. HanchoPOW says

    WRONG. The reason you were thought to turn the SPG away from you because in the early days the guages were made of glass and they didnt have a over pressure relief valve built in. If you look at every SPG these days, you will see a small hole on the backside of it. That it so that incase of a malfunction the air will shoot through the backside. So does it still make sense to turn the SPG away from you when turning the air on? No its only required when handling old glass guages. With a new modern SPG , turning away from you when turning the air on, is putting the diver more at risk. PADI please update this training.

  9. Gee DoubleU says

    If you set up your gear from behind the tank while on a boat you would be overboard!

  10. Awesome Abby says


  11. massgator1 says

    when i was 14 years old i asked my mother to take me to a dive shop so i could learn scuba diving she did but when we got there the guy that owned the dive said to me to join you must sign your name but i refused to do so i hated my name so much when i refused to sign my name i lost out on scuba diving i also lost out on 2 dozen other once in life time activities i have now changed my old name to a new name now i that have a new name it doe's not bother me at all that i lost out on 2 dozen once in a life time activities any one else that wants to learn scuba diving do not do it because you will be asked to sign your name to join the owner of the dive shop that i went to told me i had to sign my name to join but i refused to do so.

  12. Robbie McGill says

    Shit instructor, reg should be fitted by putting point of yoke screw into tank valve dimple, then tighten screw, this ensures that the reg is pulled on to the sealing "O" Correctly, this is basic scuba and engineering. His way of doing it means the "O" ring can be off centre and pinched damaging it !!!!

  13. David Crowson says

    Great demonstration, thanks for sharing!

  14. keelan James says

    Please could someone link me everything used in this video

  15. Michael Hanson says

    Good presentation!

  16. Maryellen Romero says

    Thanks for the refresher. I don't get to dive very often and it helps (always) to review. Will be diving Cabo San Lucas the end of September….

  17. Jeff Morgan says

    with modern 2017 equipment turn your air full on or full off, this training is using dated logic

  18. Jeff Morgan says

    He's an instructor posting safety procedures on YouTube, damn string we were going to be critical on the comments to open peoples knowledge of all things to consider.  Of course nothing compares to professional in person training but new students will pickup tips turned to habits from sources like YouTube and we can only hope people are picking up good habits to incorporate in toe there own safety routines! Happy diving to all… I sure this instructor is a great guy and all just don't beat me up for being critical on these points. Didn't read the comments below so maybe some have already notice these topics.

  19. Jeff Morgan says

    this guy is teaching under old school logic, new style gauges have a blow out valve on the rear of the gauge so one needs to understand what kind of gauge technology you are using before you inadvertently point the blowout plug at someone! Always get appropriate traing for the equipment you intend to operate!

  20. Jeff Morgan says

    Interesting and he even says it will loosen in the water. Seen other PADI instructors suggesting you dip your BC straps in the water first likely for this very reason…

  21. David Coon says

    Good video…good instructor.

  22. Richard Brown says

    Glad this little video is helping some of you.  I really appreciate the feedback and take good care of yourselves ! 

  23. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    Dude im not a scuba instructor but im fairly experienced and i noticed you faced the spg away from your face while you turned your valve, why? You dont need to at all-its completely unnecessary

  24. SAM GH says

    nice pants Brown

  25. DracariaEntertainment says

    really clear video 🙂

  26. Gary Moyer says

    checking to make sure there is an O ring present is a good idea.  Every once in awhile O rings go AWOL.  Thanks for the video. Nicely done.

  27. Capt Eric Bergeron says

    Nice video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

  28. Greg McGraime says

    you did a good job with all the details thank you

  29. Robert Andersson says

    great video! Thank you!

  30. Richard Krumm says

    Smell the air? Really? LOL

  31. Maks Don says

    No negative check.???

  32. Dor Manski says

    many thanks nice video

  33. Richard Walsh says

    Clear concise spot on! Many thanks !

  34. Ariele Kaitlynn says

    heading out on my first dive in awhile tomorrow morning and this was a great refresher, thanks for posting! (aloha from Maui 🙂 )

  35. emailtoart says

    The tank valve should be fully open, not 1/2 turn closed!
    Google "The Quarter Turn That Kills"

  36. Danielsan B says

    Far too formally dressed for a PADI instructor. Also, no visible tattoos. B- for authenticity. Also, too much movement on camera. Pretend you're holding someone's head 'cause that's kinda what you're doing.

  37. Callum White says

    You didn't check to see if there was an O-ring/if the existing O-ring was intact

  38. Julian S. says

    This really helped me 🙂

  39. Paul Egan says

    Very professional. Although there was no need to assume that there was no one in the pool . I could safely say there wasn't from all the way back here on my computer screen.

  40. m4r4sc4 says

    Whenever I'm getting ready to go diving and haven't been in a while, I watch this for a quick refresher. Thanks for the clear instruction.

  41. eascuba says

    What about checking regulator functions? Inflator functions? With Velcro straps they should be dipped in the pool to be sure they are wet before final assembly, cam-band straps can be dry. Also how about clipping off all regulators gauges and loose inflator / deflator so we practice our Project AWARE program and eliminate those items from dragging and damaging aquatic life.

  42. Alexander Maxhall says

    fastest 7 minute tutorial I have had in a while. Thanks for this introduction. 

  43. The Black Lodger says

    Good job at making that statement at the end, and I mean it, be a S.A.F.E. DIVER!!!!!!!

  44. Damian Jones says

    This is a highly recommended video as it makes you learn scuba diving lessons at the comfort of home.  Keep sharing such stunning work.

  45. Van Williamson says

    Nice video, very helpful.  Thanks for posting.

  46. 7ASSOON zaking says

    sea urchins oh my god

  47. 7ASSOON zaking says

    thanks man but everybody beware i got lost in the sea for 1 hours i almost died thank god i survived

  48. Thomas H says

    ONLY 1992 !!! Try 1974 here…my first C Card was a NAUI #619!!!

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