5 Awesome Summer Gadgets to Try Out This Year

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5 Awesome Summer Gadgets to Try Out This Year

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01- Sublue:
02- SCORKL :
03- Evapolar 2:

04- Underwater Jet Pack :
05- PLOOTA :

01- Sublue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter
The world’s smallest water scooter equipped with double propellers for swimming,snorkeling,diving
02- SCORKL – Breathe underwater with TOTAL freedom
Scorkl is lightweight, portable, refillable via hand pump and gives you up to 10min underwater
03- Evapolar 2: Smart Personal Air Conditioner
Cools, humidifies and cleans the air creating your local perfect microclimate.
04- The x2 Sport Underwater Jet Pack
Release your inner superhero with the x2 Sport, the worlds first wearable underwater jetpack
05- PLOOTA – the first automatic sensor controlled safety device for swimmers.

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  1. Tyler Fischer says

    Things like the SNORKL are more meant as a pony scuba bottle, which is for when your scuba tank has malfunctions and you need more water

  2. Castolum says

    For all the real scuba experts out there, the scorkl would be usefull for an emergency air in case a vehicle fall into the water? I read that helicopter pilots have a kind of spare-air tank in case of the helicopter fall into the water and they don't have enought air time in the lungs to exit the heli. And I always wanted an item like that in my vehicle in case of something happens.

  3. Niko Vickovic says

    I wish i had white shark MIX

  4. _ Tropix says

    SRSLY using the scorkl in open water how dumb can u be i could see using it in like a pool or as a backup emergency air source but just that in open water NO

  5. Cameron Celliers says

    They should start selling life insurance with scorkl.

  6. The Lazy Gardner says

    I think the whole point of scorkl isn’t about breathing underwater it’s to sell those bikini bottoms. Scorkl allow the company to show how well fitting those bikini bottoms are underwater.

  7. Alexandre Goudreau says


  8. mikey says

    the mini pony oxygen tank…a stupid way to die…mini pony tank..and traditional regular dive equipment…no different……the gas phisics is the same and without a underwater license….kills in che same way

  9. Johnleekilla says

    The white shark mix was all good till the relax your hand part you finna drop that shi

  10. Zoran Nikolić says

    Snorkl Question: if I hold breath and go to max 10 meter and than use this which I pump whit original hand pump will be dangerous for me ?

  11. TEAM COLAB says
  12. M. G. Krøger says

    Breathing underwater without proper traininng and instructions is a deadly risk. Do not attempt to do it, save your life, ask a trained instructor. At shallow depths the risk is bigger than you may ever imagine.

  13. Erik Lwaha says


    But the jet pack tho.

  14. Gunner Lowe says

    These gadgets are for fake wannabe divers

  15. TL2 says

    with the scorkl you have to be an experienced diver. many people underestimate this but you can burst your lungs and die of the pressure change so be careful

  16. xXX xXx says

    Do not buy the Scorkl! im a commercial diver nd i can tell you this is the esiest way to kill yourself that you dont know of

  17. BLACK OUT says


  18. wil edge says

    What if I got like 20 scorkls? That would solve the problem right?

  19. Lego Man Animations says

    Was gonna order this….. (Reads comments)….. I think that up stick with something else!…

  20. GS SeShE says

    Scorkl is for emergency only

  21. Peter Palmer says

    Sorry, just can't bring myself to set foot in the ocean. I don't want to be eaten alive by a shark. And for the couple that kept swimming around the stingray, Google Steve Irwin's death.

  22. Eng. Osama El sawaf says

    Hello dear..
    How much it costs me one scorkl to send it to me here in Egypt – Cairo?
    And how much it's price at your country?
    Thanks for your help..

  23. Boo M says

    I'm subscribing to your vidio

  24. malcom price says

    i LOVE the last one!!!!!!!!

  25. Loïc Dallaire says

    Im a certified scuba diver and let me tell you, that tiny scorkl is gona kill people, please do not buy this product if you dont know what you are dealing with very dangerous.

  26. i want to die says

    I like how the woman is just "there"

  27. Andrew Plough says

    I wonder how many people go decompression sickness

  28. Andrew Plough says

    Omg I can get my scooter and snorkel lol

  29. Natanael Gonzalez says

    Im confused why is everybody sayin snorkl is a death device?

  30. Thomas K says

    Dangerous false sense of underwater depth.

  31. Robbie McGill says

    The Snorkl has been around for decade most experienced divers wouldn't touch it with a bargepole it's near useless, not having enough capacity to be useful. !!

  32. Greg the Hamster says

    First one what! Dive deep You need to stop to eaqulise i dont spell right but You understand?

  33. Charles Smith says

    The Snorkl is just big enough to get you into some very serious situations. A copy of the SPARE AIR which divers use as a backup in emergencies! Hope the company has a very big insurance policy because there will be some very unintelligent people using this product!

  34. Levi Kinnan says

    Hey what’s the issue with scorkl

  35. spangler 2005 says

    Ploota looks like a torcher divice for kids

  36. Helder Pinheiro says

    most of this is scamming shit!

  37. Sarah S says

    So many people are gonna be injured with lung expansions with this toy…

  38. Equilibrium Gatekeeper says

    All the divers are jealouse that their hobby/sport is going commercial and worldwide. Scorkel is just fun and I am a professional diver in contract for repairing boats under water.

  39. Petre Lee says

    Scorkl sounds awesome stop being my mom

  40. Petre Lee says

    Scorkl is taking some heat in the comments damn

  41. LCC389 says

    Question: If I only have to swim down 9.5 feet to clean the keel or rudder of a sailboat which takes about 10 minutes, isn't this device appropriate for that job?

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