Scuba Diving Accessory Guide

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Accessories needed to either make diving easier, tidier or improve the functionality of different pieces of diving scuba diving equipment including clips and lanyards to attach torches to a BCD, tools and temporary repair kits to keep you diving if there is an equipment problem, slates, interface kits for dive computers and a huge range of accessories and extension components for underwater still and video cameras including lighting rigs, video lights flashes, mounts and maintenance kits.

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  1. Joe C. says

    how about a cell phone charger?

  2. karen goh says

    How to hang the accessories so that they don’t hand dangling and hang onto corals while diving

  3. Chaos Theory says

    How to entangle yourself with a bunch of lines underwater and die, the ultimate guide!

  4. Viewcards says

    I thought the pointer was used to hit the tank to call for attention, hahah

  5. Riccardo D'ambrosio says

    How are you supposed to take off the gauge , as far as i rember when theyre pressurized theyre really hard to take off

  6. Guido Muddemann says

    Short question:@5:51 … Does the Mares XR Spring Straps fit on the Mares X-Stream fins? They are looking much more tougher than the normal rubber spring-straps from Mares.Thanks for feedback.

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