Cant Believe They Sent Me This! – Unboxing (Hurley) | DALLMYD

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In this video I unbox a mystery package sent from Hurley!!

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Found a Working iPhone in the River! (Returned Lost iPhone to Owner)

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Cant Believe They Sent Me This! – Unboxing (Hurley)


Rating: 4.93

  1. Anime Senpai says

    Nice house

  2. Jerry nick says

    Wow we live in the same state I'm in Blount County

  3. justin d says

    is there a way I can contact u I want to get in to scuba diving but I will need help and I have been watching a lot of your videos and I thank you will be able to help me out with this contact me with number 2092949033 if you get this thanks

  4. Calvin Hunt says

    Has he ever taken off his wet suit. Just wondering

  5. Wim M says

    It seems to me you sleep in your wetsuit, that’s why Hurley send you another they feel sorry for you.LOL.

    They look like awesome wetsuits, I’m also going to get one.

  6. mujaimen sahid says

    Have a nice day, nice wetsuits i love to have that wetsiut but i can't afford it. I love to dive i idolize you.

  7. Dab Creations says

    Super Dope!! Congratulations bro and thanks hurly!!

  8. Moritz Leidig says

    Are you always running around at home in a wetsuit? 😉

  9. venture dreams says

    Dude you got the hook ups so dope thanks Hurley for doing that his videos are sick so much fun to watch

  10. gcl 011 says

    Thats pretty cool man, those things aren’t cheap so for them to give you some it’s very nice!!

  11. Yappy yappy Twee wah says

    So cool

  12. Ken Johnson says

    Nice Hurley!

  13. Daniel Perez says

    Hurley Good looking out for my boy Jake. If anybody deserves anything is this guy right here.

  14. Cody Pennington says

    Wow that's super nice!!! Hurley is an amazing brand!!

  15. Sandy Owens says

    Hi big boy

  16. Mary Lewter says

    That was awesome of a company to do that. You don't see that happen slot know days. You deserve it

  17. Power Threat Studios says

    you have earned it but y where you whereing your wetsuit i thet vid

  18. Freakrunner Nederland says

    you've earned it

  19. Jessie Nguyen says

    Its hilarious when he says "freezing my titties".

  20. mattefe2002 _ says

    Wich mask you use?

  21. Zack Salisbury says

    What is that vest you wearing

  22. The Living Garden says

    Wow!!!!!!! Nice~Ness !!

  23. rashanrock50 says

    what is the brand of your knife

  24. Sp4rkx says

    Do you just wear your wetsuit around the house?

  25. Susie Mo says

    That was so nice of them! You will get a ton of use from those goodies. Congratulations.

  26. Alejandro Moore says

    nice gear my friend you earned it

  27. Boad Swanson says

    Dang! That's so sick! Your so lucky. Hurley is the best brand in the world. I wish I had all that stuff.

  28. Carl Ivan Agulay Villarue says

    Wow how great that suit you have 2 como suit now dude you are so lucky

  29. Becky Gopaul says

    I want a wet suit bro

  30. C R says

    <3 Hurley So we can see more videos – their sporting clothes are nice too 🙂

  31. Zack Bearden says

    Send me a tank bro lol

  32. milomilo says

    Dude next time maybe take off the rival vest wth HUGE lettering for video?!

  33. milomilo says

    HURLEY!!!!!! GOOD GEAR!!!!!

  34. flame horse says

    I have the same clock

  35. Crewe Station Ghosts says

    If I had a wet suit with the brand on it that's just sent me a loada cool gear just for bein awesome I think I'd be rockin it on the unboxing too. That's some super cool gear and really good of them to recognise your efforts and support you.

  36. Jaxon Messom says

    l am jealous but you deserved

  37. MUSTANGPERRY1 says

    hurley #1

  38. infinite doctor says

    they could have give you more gear

  39. no name no purpose says

    hurley if you see this, I would have done the same thing

  40. hadley jennex says

    lol show us what's in the box brother

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