SCUBA diving! – GTA Online guides

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In this video I take a look at SCUBA diving! The new outfits added as part of the Doomsday heist DLC in GTA Online, are they worth the high asking price? and how good are they in practice?

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Rating: 4.88

  1. Dilan45601 Fortnite says

    Thanks bro

  2. Levi Gentzel (2023) says

    With the scuba gear does it raise your lung capacity and stamina level?

  3. Roy Carey says

    For all my fellow scuba divers you can go "Fishing" with friends basclly the scuba is op underwater as you swim faster in scuba gear so just stay in it and swim around keeping your self safe from hunters or in this case your friends with Miniguns as it's the only weapon that could techinlly shoot and track fast enough to Fish.

  4. So that means that we don't need to buy rebreathers anymore!

  5. Leedle Leedle Leedle Lee says

    Scuba gear saved me from hydras a lot before I got the Stromberg

  6. Leen Khatib says

    I can’t find the scuba gear in the shop

  7. Shadow747 says

    They should make a Sea oriented DLC next since theyre running out of ideas and we already have Air and land businesses, it would let you buy docks and traffic illegal goods through submarines or something like that, and add a bunch of underwaterva marine vehicles and outfits

  8. Shadow747 says

    Can you walk normally with it? If so ill just leave it on always lol

  9. Spiny thorns 500 says

    I can’t find it

  10. insensitive Ronny says

    Step one piss off tryhards kill them a few times 3/0 should do
    Step two go under water they cant get you
    Step three if they do get to you go into passive
    Step four laugh as they text you to fight

  11. J K says

    I love mine

  12. POLYBIUS says

    I managed to glitch a hot pink t-shirt into my white scuba suit.

  13. Sniper Cat says

    They should add a aps rifle

  14. Vladimír Šuták says

    Crash Bandicoot 3 warped. Second level? Correct me if Im wrong

  15. Joseph B says

    5 months later and I still got the shirt through the gear glitch, just with a red shirt.

  16. Wazoof 61950 says

    2:22, and then theres just Pyreealm sitting back and relaxin in the Kraken watching 3 guys battle to the death underwater with knives.

  17. Eric Johns says

    I'd like to know what version this works on. I've tried different ammunations and there are no scuba gear.

  18. péter kollár says


  19. M0S says

    What car was he driving in the video

  20. Sir Tomi says

    crash bandicoot music

  21. hazmat unit says

    Harpoon gun would be cool

  22. Desire says

    get a rebreather

  23. Luke Morren says

    I got the same t shirt glitch but mine was green

  24. chris balfe says

    guide for scuba diving jump in water video end

  25. Nucka Stone says

    It also helps with lung capacity

  26. Colonel Hakeev says

    Yay no more fucking rebreathers

  27. J K says

    The day scuba suits came out

  28. J K says

    I’ve done that glitch before this video

  29. cucumber batch says

    Guys, if u watch the videos on my channel, u will get brain damage.

    Nice vid tho

  30. Pdkfk ,difn says
  31. Veer Pal says

    The fact that you had Crash and Final Fantasy music in one video just makes you even cooler

  32. Alex says

    There are actually a bunch of stuff under water, my sisters found cargo ships, aircrafts, submarine, some weird structures, trucks and even some tanks, the tanks they actually showed me, and they look like some type of WWII tanks. They actually seem to have a lot of fun going diving, I think I would probably have fun too, but I'm too cheap bastard to fork 160 or 170 GTA dollars on a diving suit lol.

  33. that-tyler-guy says

    Disappointed that there isn't a Scuba Steve design.

  34. Ham says

    3:10 i litteraly had the same Glitch (sorry for Bad english)

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