Dark Side of the Reef: Diving to the Mesophotic Zone

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Mesophotic reefs are quite different to their sun-loving, better-known shallow-water cousins. On a trip aboard OceanX’s the Alucia, a team of elite divers from the Cal Academy got the rare chance to observe the effects of a recent hurricane on these little-explored ecosystems.

Rating: 4.90

  1. Cris Pantebre says

    amazing video

  2. Black hearteu says

    This deserves more views!!

  3. Davide De Benedictis says

    Guys: keep in mind that diving is supposed to be fun.
    Is this a true Detective season II episode? In nearly 4 minutes I don't see anyone smiling. What's wrong with your filmmaker?

  4. Philipp Gerasimov says

    Amazing video, but very short!

  5. Witchress x says

    This was amazing

  6. ghostt girl ghostt spook says

    if you have shell's you don't want let me know,

  7. ghostt girl ghostt spook says

    I love the ocean, I love shells, I collect them, beautiful…I love the different kinds of fish and creature's. so beautiful…

  8. Kook N Up says

    It still continues to amaze me how much of the ocean we have yet to explore. Awesome video!

  9. m0nty0 says

    I always look forward to new videos. Pleasantly surprised today with this one, thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Hassaan Abdeen says

    Thank you for sharing this unique video.

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