How To Be A Scuba Diver

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Just follow these simple steps, and you too can be a scuba diver.

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Rating: 4.91

  1. Avery Einhorn says

    I have watched about a dozen of these videos by SimplyScuba. Wish they were nearby. These videos are the most informative but funny on any subject in all the thousands of clips I have seen on YouTube (I think I have too much free time). This guy should teach…everything. Including how to teach. Keep 'em coming.

  2. Niko Vickovic says

    Step:?,get approved on diving training

  3. Jason Shepherd says

    hahaha hilarious

  4. animating magic says

    I have a diving question
    Are cylinders heavy?
    Like do they weigh you down when diving and is it harder to get around?
    I'd love to become a scuba diver or maybe a freediver when I'm older

  5. Xiaomei Zou says

    Awww, I love this video! That’s me!!!

  6. Richard Turner says

    Before you even take lessons they should tell you how expensive equipment is. Never dive without a friend ( if you have any friends who are interested in diving ). I spent all that money on lessons and equipment and i can't go diving because i can't get a dive partner and it seems like divers all have their little circle and if they don't like you for some reason they won't let you dive with them. I won't dive alone because that's too dangerous so i guess i spent money on dive lessons and equipment for nothing.

  7. Rick Kinney says

    LOL. Very amusing. Good job.

  8. WolfGaming FX says

    Step 8 is no worry for me I dive with my brother he is my dive buddy it's fun to dive with him

  9. Road-work-ahead? says

    I recommend BSAC not PADI

  10. stewartclan8 says

    Shopping for items in my size is a horrific task. Trying on multiple sizes of everything and going to multiple shops. Tall and thin with wide shoulders. It’s crazy! It took 2 days and multiple shops in multiple cities to find a wetsuit. Only one BC in all those shops fit perfectly. I’m dreading having to update in the future.

  11. PuckysWorld says

    "taking your mask off 50 times" OMG I HATED DOING THIS FOR MY OWD CERTIFICATION! i would always end up exhaling through my nose and my head would hurt really bad!

  12. Pete Woody says

    so being a scuba diver is like being a vegan

  13. Atarau Parr says

    at least they are honest

  14. The Morening says

    My instructors name is Greg

  15. Simply Scuba says

    Have you seen our latest video how to be a freediver? why not check it out –

  16. Lena Chow says

    Lol. U r funny

  17. Sparryax says

    Step 1: Know the difference between air and oxygen

  18. swaaqbabehh says

    You'll need a boat to take you out to where you want to dive then a bigger car to tow the boat you just bough

  19. Ferdinand Melchor says

    Like your output keep it up simplyscuba!

  20. Ferdinand Melchor says

    Hahaha! Niice

  21. BoB says

    I'm near the last stage.. it means the illness is already terminal 🙂

  22. Aidan Moore says

    I'm glad that I am helping the stereotype!

  23. Anata no Shi says

    I just got done watching 47 meters down

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