Great Barrier Reef – An Underwater Carnival of Dreams

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The Great Barrier Reef is a wonderland of dreams that comes to life before your eyes, an experience of a lifetime. Let the reef take over as you scuba dive your way in to serenity and beauty.

Located in North East, Australia; the world’s largest reef system with over thousands of coral formations and over hundreds of islands is hallowed with breathtaking beauty of coral and the fish by the millions that swim their way beside your body will be a memory you will cherish for a lifetime.

This world heritage site gives you an eyeful of stunning! Those corals, plants and fish scattered across the ocean spotting a variety of colours, shapes and sizes keeps your sight peeled when flapping through the waters.

Scuba diving and snorkeling gives you the opportunity to meet all types of fish life; it is a whirlwind of species all around you.

To name a few of what you will swim side by can be dolphins, clown fish, and types of turtle, manta rays and the rest of the fish colony. It is the perfect sea adventure.

If you are a whale enthusiast, the reef is a place you long to be as the humpback whale migrates from the Antarctic to grace Australia’s blessed big blue. You can also see a few endangered species like the sea cow and the large green sea turtle while underwater.

The Great Barrier Reef also offers you with day trips across the coasts, reef cruises, reef diving, live board diving, white water rafting, scenic flights, hot air ballooning tours, island day trips and so much more that makes your holiday experience that much more special exceeding all your expectations.

This tropical haven compliments your Reef exploring and discoveries with the perfect touch. A luxuriously built Cairns hotel positioned marvelously for you to embrace.

Source by Pushpitha Wijesinghe

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