1. Tricia Low says

    How true.but I am happy to see him pursue his passion.

  2. Shad Pierre says


  3. Tidal 9 says

    All of this is true

  4. Quinndiver says

    Mother, mother ocean – I have heard your call…

  5. Renier Duvenage says

    Sounds like my kinda woman

  6. Michael Theodorou says

    great vid mostly correct! though some divers aren't sure about sharks like me. I know the statistics but still its like Caribbean people are afraid of barracuda in the med were not. I think its knowing something is a better predator than you like moray eels. diving near them seems to be okay but ive been attacked while snorkeling near them out of the blue and I know people who have been bitten.

  7. Ri amir says

    this is so accurate

  8. Jeff Williams says

    OMG-Yes I am going diving right now. Wish me luck!!!

  9. Jeff Williams says


  10. Luis MB says

    I'm sure if you pay PADI you'll get a certification as Open Lover Diver

  11. McLaren F1 says


  12. Francesco Botta says

    Im a college student with a year left to graduate. I recently dived for the first time in my life and I cant stop thinking about it. My current career path doesn't seem so exciting anymore and I'm having thoughts of leaving everything behind to become a diving instructor… Has anyone here ever gone through this?

  13. omniXenderman says

    Till ya have a baby, that's all I'm saying

  14. Greg Verellen says

    My absolute favorite video.

  15. LiveTheMoment says

    @PADI – is there any Scuba Diver dating site?

  16. Kenshin Himura says

    That food you showed looks disgusting…..

  17. Pebborino says

    This video was awesome

  18. Army trash says


  19. GastrophetDrum says

    My Dad got certified in 1965 (His PADI card is from the 70's and he has no diver #), two years (1989) before my parent's 9 year marriage ended my dad got my hydrophobic mother into diving, within 10 years she was a dive master with over 400 logged. Ooops. .Literally growing up in a dive shop was neat though. Don't let your kids run around willy nilly with spear guns, folks.

  20. Yazeed Gh says

    let your daddy dive in

  21. Andrew Skeith says

    Couples that dive together stay together

  22. Tidal 9 says

    Did that seal just salute

  23. strange 1 says

    I'm late but padi please stop putting me into the friend zone

  24. Eddie Adventure says

    Childrens stories.

  25. atlantean 107 says

    Hey guys wanna see how to start a war among our fellow divers in a youtube comment section

    Naui master race

  26. atlantean 107 says

    Pffft fall in love I'd rather fall off a dive boat back roll style

  27. San s says

    Great vid but cringe af

  28. Vagabonds of Sweden says

    Very nice video 🙂 Here is a link to our video shot during our PADI Open Water Diving with Ban´s Diving Resort: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMyplNX1_Do&t=42s

    We loved learning how to dive with PADI and became in love with diving on Koh Tao in Thailand. 

    Follow us on our 14 months adventure around the world: 

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jordenrunt365/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jordenrunt365/
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIvS...
    Blog: https://www.JordenRunt365.se
    National Geographic: https://members.nationalgeographic.co...

  29. No Way says

    Who are these 20 somethings with money to go around tropical places all the time?

  30. stay away says

    "but if she does take your heart" me: that just sucks doesn't it? you got no heart do ye

  31. stay away says

    this is stupid

  32. It's A Good Day To Dive says

    Yup, my wife made the same mistake.

  33. Rodrigo Abrahao says

    Portuguese ? Subtitles ?

  34. Ryan Senquiz says

    This video got me pregnant! Can't wait to get certified!!

  35. i scuba says

    Who else is recently certified

  36. Republic Reptiles says

    Us open water divers are good though

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