Rainbow River Scuba Dive with Kids

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We dove the Rainbow river near Crystal River, FL on 1/1/2018. My 10 year old daughter was finalizing her open water certification. The air temperature was about 42 degrees and with the wind chill it had to be close to freezing. The water temperature was of course 72 degrees as its a spring. The dive was great but the conditions were pretty rough. American pro diving center in Crystal River was awesome! Great group. Josh Moody was the dive trainer on this dive and he was great. I highly recommend them.


  1. Cringe VideoGames says

    Person swimming at 3:05 is displaying extremely strenuous hand and fin activity.. on a longer/ deeper dive he/she will experience immense overexertion. Teach the right technique by making sure he/she becomes neutrally bouyant, and use SLOW fin kicks.. hand movement should be little to none.

  2. Øystein Djupvik says

    Great video!
    Made this from when my kid did his Jr OW in Indonesia: https://youtu.be/S9LChRXCWuY

  3. izwan man says


  4. Akam 1 says


  5. Alexandrite Pearl says

    Cool i wish i can do that

  6. Texas Flyer says

    Cool video. Looks like a bunch of fun. My 11 year old niece and I scuba dive. She would dig that river.

  7. Lil Man D says

    I really want to get certified and go diving at Rainbow River I have only went snorkeling there and it's really cool

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