1. Classic OG says

    Thank you for the information sir

  2. massgator1 says

    when i was 14 years old i asked my mother to take me to a dive shop so that i could learn scuba diving but when we got there the guy that owned the dive shop said to me to learn scuba diving you must sign your name but i refused to because i hated my name so much so i lost out on scuba diving i also lost out on 2 dozen other once in a life time activities because i refused to sign my name on those activities as well i have now changed my old name to a new name now that i have a new name it doe's not bother me one bit that i lost out on scuba diving and 2 dozen other once in a life time activities any one else that wants to learn scuba diving do not do it because you will be asked to sign your name like i was asked to the guy told me to learn scuba diving you must sign your name but i refused to do so.

  3. Juan Carlos Nieto says

    Paid 300 for the entire padi open water course; and that was for two, my dad and I. We also had to pay 70 each for materials though (book and forms to fill out for padi), so in total 440, but still a great price. The trick: Groupon.

  4. Oceanic says

    thanks for this video

  5. Jimmy Lindroos says

    Grand blue…. Anyone?

  6. humphrey707 says

    Y'know I may have actually found a piece of a unsafe diver because I was at the beach lost my goggles found a pair of google and they were like professional glass goggles and when the plastic ones I was using then broke the glass ones that I found still work to this day

  7. SonicX says

    Did my PADI elearning course online, roughly 160$. The open water diver course itself was around 450$. Course completed in 3 days landing at 610$ in total. This was done at a local dive shop in Kos, Greece and not in the US.

  8. SqueekyToy 17 says

    I just paid 169.99 for my open water course and did it online. Then went and bought a wetsuit, mask, snorkel, BCD, regs, and tanks. And didn’t pay for my certification because my dad is an instructor lol. But in all honesty a comfortable range is about 1500-1700 dollars

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  10. Salvador Menchaca says

    Thanks alot

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